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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Whats best to go out in the rain

Of course throughout the year we have those rainy days, times in which we dont like to go out in.  Here are my tips for when you do go out to still stay fly

  1. Use a big umbrella, if u dont have one purchase one. Small umbrellas are good to carry around for times when you didnt know it was going to rain and it did..but when you do know its raining a big umbrella is best! it really limits how wet your clothes and shoes get.  A small umbrella doesnt cover much of the body and the rain dependin on if the wind is blowin will get you.
  2. Try wearing some high top shoes you can stick your jeans can keep the bottom of your pants from getting really soaked..i prefer this instead of rolling up pants.
  3. I lastly suggest that you wear a lot of black if you can.  I say this because any water you do get on yourself is less likely to be visible on the black items your wearing.

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