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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shipping advice

Online shopping is pretty find things quicker and find any other info you may need with just a click here and there.  When youre purchasing things online you also have to pay for shipping. Now some may be skeptical to pay for shipping but when you think about it the shipping is the gas money you spend to go to where you wanna purchase stuff from.  I suggest that when you online shop you buy everything ure gonna get for a while from that particular company so it wont be like youre constantly paying shipping when you want to get something again. Just think on it and make all your purchases at once.  I also think you should just choose standard shipping. Its less costly and the things you order will usually show up before the time it says it will. Make sure you order the right things as well..just double check because you dont want to have anything youll have to send back and wait for again.  Also make sure you double check the information as far as billing and shipping address so that is accurate as well and wont get sent to the wrong address.  The last thing you need to know about shipping is to make frequent visits to the site or recieve emails for when they have free shipping.  When the sites have free shipping youre likely to see a promotion code to enter once youre ready to checkout items.

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