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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Black guys do not dye your hair!

I did a blog a little while back about black women coloring their hair which was something I didn't think looked too well because it looked pretty tacky and now I'm starting to see black men beginning to dye their hair outrageous colors which all started when Chris Brown decided to dye his hair blonde.

When will people stop being such followers!  Chris Brown may have dyed his hair but that doesn't mean all other black men should dye their hair too, its looking to be a catastrophe!  Dyed hair on black people just doesn't go so smoothly unless its a little streak here or there, not the whole head but for black men in general dying the hair different colors is a complete thumbs down, black men's hair is predominately shaved and natural hair color just looks better.  All I can do is hope that people can get it right because this day and age just about anything goes even if it doesn't work.


  1. ikr. The BIG trend in my school now is taper cut with dyed brown hair on black guys. About five guys have it. It looks soooooo bad. But ill admit, i like it better than bald heads everywhere

  2. That's definitely your opinion. People should were whatever they feel comfortable with, and not what fits within your idea of "correct".(Unless they like your style)The style that's right for you, is the one you feel the most comfortable in. No disrespect, but film critics, fashion analyst, or any professions like that are just people that judge others and their work based on their own opinions. They create guidelines, and it bothers me when someone takes these "guidelines" as rules, and then it keeps them from actually being themselves doing what they truly would like to do.

    So your opinion that black men shouldn't dye their hair is fine, but don't project that on to others as a rule. They are not "wrong" if they don't follow it, they just have a different opinion. Sorry for that rant, and nice blog!

  3. Sisqo had dyed blonde hair, as did many black men way before Chris Brown. white women with blonde hair dye it black are you against that as well. your such a hater worry about your own damn peasy ass head because nobody cares what you think.

  4. Definitely agree it's your own opinion don't speak of this matter as fact

  5. Nice blog,but you talk as if your hair looks better...I would like to see that