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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Diesel Collections

Here are the recent items I saw at Diesel that I thought would make good buys for men and women only at

This Men's shirt has a cool old school jersey look, it is $70 available at This Link

This clutch is on sale for $95; it has cool pieces on it that stand out which is why I'm sharing it with you and it is available HERE

This dress has a neat cutout and design and is on sale for $125 Here

women's pants for the fall in this stand out color available HERE

$140 women's diesel jeggings Click here 

This diesel jacket for women from the black and gold line is very unique; the jacket is half off now for $375 HERE

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Entered

I just recently entered into the AE Contest that I wrote a post about; I said why not? Voting is going on now but voting for this week ends on Tuesday so I invite everyone to vote for me at this link for aspiring artist

AE Contest

American Eagle is currently having a  Best Shot Contest; those who sign up compete each week to be a top 10 finalist for the grand prize of $3000 and an opportunity to be in an AE campaign.  There's also a weekly to 5 who receive $100 gift cards and weekly top 50 that get a chance to be on the billboard in New York Times Square.  You can take shots such as Class Clown, AE Guy/Girl Associate, Aspiring Artist, Most Likely Rock Star, and More and people will vote so if you're interested enter now at this link AE Contest 

Armpit Sweat

Ever suffer from some armpit sweat when wearing white shirts and notice yellow stains from the deodorant on the shirts after wearing the white shirts after a period of time?  This can be upsetting because we like the white shirts or spent a good amount of money on the white shirts only to have to get rid of it shortly.  I think a great solution to fixing this problem with stains in armpit area of white shirt sleeves would be creating a cloth that could be worn in the armpit region while wearing the white shirt that prevents that from happening so the problem can be solved.  Its easier to wear a tee shirt under a polo but for tee shirts, if they could come up with a cloth just for the armpits it would be a great invention.  I wonder why this hasn't been invented yet?

Art Exposed

Here is a video of a recent drawing I did of celebrity couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith; although this couple don't dress all that good at times the bond they share with each other surpasses that.  The Smith's have been married for over ten years which is something to be admired especially when celebrity relationships tend not to last as long but I see them never ever breaking up.  The Smith's have children that are also now pursuing their careers at a young age and it's showing great success.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Special Star Wars Sneakers

A new star wars men's sneaker by Adidas has just been released called the "Star Wars Hoth".

These sneakers have the words Skywalker written down the side of them and the color of the sneakers are very fresh.  The cost of these Adidas are $140 and can be found at this link Star Wars Adidas . One person has already rated these shoes with five stars and I can see why.


I think patterns on shirts are very cool depending on the types and the way they are arranged on the shirt.  Here are shirts I found for men that had neat patterns on them:

This patterned polo shirt is by Ralph Lauren and is very eye catching; there is only a size Large in this shirt available and is priced at $125 at this link Ralph Lauren

This last patterned shirt is by Calvin Klien and has the logo on it.  This shirt is on sale for $29.99 at this link Calvin Klien Mens

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rihanna in Glamour

Rihanna is in the September issue of Glamour Magazine.  I encourage all magazine readers to purchase this magazine when it releases. Rihanna like I said in a previous blog post sets many trends and anyone that can pull off bright red hair like she does everyday definitely qualifies as super fly.

Fall release

Guess has just released their fall collection for the year and here are my picks for men and women purchases (Guess is now accepting Paypal):

This Destin shirt has only two sizes left L and XL HERE

This black Caldwell shirt is a thermal and would go with many outfits.  The price of this shirt is $39 at this link GUESS

This shield polo comes in a variety of colors but i like this red one best.  The price of it is $59 at this link

This Thorton shirt looks neat and costs just $49 at this link Guess Mens

This v-neck with a chain cross has a clean cut design is only $32 at this link Guess Shirts

This women's sweater dress that was $98 is now on sale for $39.95 in sizes xs and s Here

This romance tee has a cool look to it and is available for $49 at this link Guess Womens

This sweater I thought looked cool for women in this gray color and it is available for $69 at this link GUESS

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What level of style are you?

There are all kinds  of style just like there are all kinds of people across the world but on a scale from 1-10 regarding style, what number do you think fits where you're at? I have created a list on this for everyone to take a look at:

1) Shark- (con) always finds something wrong with a persons attire when there's nothing wrong with it and makes sure to try and bring any type of negative thing they can think of without knowing the person into the atmosphere.

2) The roll around- (con) looks like he/she just rolled out of bed and threw on some clothes; nothing really is fit in the right size for them or shows an effort in the look.

3) Jacker- (pro) looks pretty good (con) can tell the outfit has been copy and pasted from someone else and this person is also most likely to borrow things from someone else's closet.

4) footloose- (pro) clothes look real nice on them (con) when look down at the shoes can see they're not clean or have a nice design.

5) just half- (pro) very nice shoes on (con) clothes are lacking.

6) new new- (pro) always in a new outfit everyday (con) that's all it is, a new outfit everyday.

7) expensive buyer- (pro) big spender, all the priciest labels (con) not necessarily better than other outfits that can be purchased at a lower price.

8) expert- (pro) up on all the latest fashion trends (con) doesn't necessarily mean each fashion trend is all that.

9) Mostly Correct- (pro) for the most part always have it together (con) misses it quite a few times.

10) Jetsetter/Trendsetter- (pro) sets trends and stands out of the crowd; enjoys being unique and has good taste.

Now based on reading this scale, where do you think you fit?

Sexy Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland the singer known from Destiny's Child that is now solo singing made her appearance on 106 and Park to talk about her brand new album Here I Am.  Kelly showed up looking great in the dress you see above and had fun with the 106 and Park audience.  Along with her sexy motivation music video Kelly talked about what other things made her sexy which included wearing a man's shirt (with the scent) and sitting by the water; she even said there's still a chance for Destiny's Child to make more music.

Tyra Banks Modelland

The supermodel turned business woman Tyra Banks has recently released her first book titled Modelland.  The book from its description has many different characters and the Modelland Tyra is refering to is on top of a mountain.  If you would like to purchase this book it is available at Barnes & Noble.  Tyra also made an appearance on 106 and Park to discuss the book and spoke of another season of top model; she even said that she will be attending Harvard for business which was a surprising statement because she already has huge success but I guess she decided to make this decision to have more experience under her belt and further her business empire to new levels of success.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Cool Kids interview

Cool Kids interview of them just telling more of what their style is like... take a look.

Lisa Raye Kontrol Magazine

Lisa Raye takes it up a notch in a cover shoot for Kontrol Magazine.

Creative Art Video

Here is a video showing my graphic design photo ideas.  This video is similar to my Advertising ideas video.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Here are celebrities I think have the most style and beauty:

1) Rihanna has so much style and beauty.  Rihanna can make anything look good and she really steps outside the box with what she wears with a lot of edgy fashion and because of this she is a trendsetter.  Hair, nails, the fanny pack, and clothing styles worn by her has created market demands.

2) Kimora Lee Simmons model/business woman always is dressed the part and is a driving force in the fashion industry with her many business ventures.

3) Stacey Dash looks stunning in anything that she wears and although she's up in age Stacey still looks like she's in her twenty's. 

4) Teyana Taylor is really getting her career going especially with her unique sound and dance moves also not to forget one of a kind style that is big hair, hats, well kept lips, and colorful nails; Teyana Taylor also keeps her body well in shape.

5) Halle Berry the beauty queen turned movie star always looks stunning and can wear anything and still look good in it.  Halle Berry looks awesome for her age having many wonder whats her secret but I'm guessing it's mostly good genes.  

6) Angelina Jolie is known as one of the most beautiful women on the planet; her full lips and her ability to steal other women's men has really drawn attention.

7) Ciara, the dancer/singer, is very pretty and could probably model if she wanted too.  Ciara has fun with her style and shows up to many awards and interviews looking great!!

Vintage Retro Designs

Here are some photos I recently edited for someone using vintage and retro designs based on the style trend this year.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Photo using stairs

Here's a photo I recently took and edited that I used the theme of stairs.  The famous symmetrical stairs painting done yearssss ago added to the idea which is why I inserted it on the photo.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Tennille Photoshoot

This is a video of the recent photoshoot singer Tennille did for H.A.S. Magazine.  This singer has a nice smooth sound that can also rap; she has collaborated with various well known underground music artists.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Highlights from Chanels Fall/Winter fashion show 2011/2012.  I must say the show has a very creative setup and music!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Here's a photo I recently took that I wanted the theme to be centered around Google.  I put on some glasses and got creative with it and this was the turn out.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Cassie Photoshoot

Heres behind the scenes footage of Cassies recent photoshoot for Blank Magazine

Thursday, July 14, 2011

On the Racks at Nordstrom

I haven't done as many blog posts on women's wear lately so
here are some styles I saw fit for women to wear on sale at the large clothing chain Nordstroms:

This CK dress is available 40% off for $93.90 ; it has received 5 stars by customers and can be found at AT THIS LINK

This black ruffle neck dress is on sale for $75.90 HERE

This shift dress is currently 40% off and has been selling fast with only a size 6 left which is priced for $146.90 , just CLICK HERE
These neat green heels for women are on sale for $79.90 by CLICKING HERE

This beautiful red tunic is now 50% off costing only now $88.90 and can be found HERE

This ruffled tank by RL is currently on sale for $52.90 BY CLICKING HERE

This navy stripe maxi dress is now 40% off for just $109.90; I recommend this dress for taller girls and if interested in buying JUST CLICK HERE

This stripe jersey top is $79 at this link NORDSTROM

This basic yet perfect  v neck top for women is on sale for $23.90 BY CLICKING HERE

CK sale

Here are the hottest shirts for men and women in and on sale by Calvin Klein:

For men here is this body slim fit polo that comes in this cool turquoise color that's now on sale for 29.99 and right now can take another 25% off of that sale AT THIS LINK 

For women there is this nice patterned novelty tee that is on sale for just 29.99 HERE

Also for women by CK is this tank top in this nice color on sale for just 19.99 at this link Calvin Klien