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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Looks that dont work for men or women

I thought today was a good time to talk about what does and doesnt not look appealing on men and women. so here goes:
First is Cheetah print ladies.  Its been way over used.  Whenever i see it i think it looks like youre an animal walking towards me. Some women like to wear cheetah everything for some reason but its not hot.
Next is some dirty or runover shoes.  Its not cute walking around in shoes like this, save them for outdoor play or something that has a lot of dirt around.
Guys next are if your a skinny person go ahead and wear some slim jeans but they should not be this TIGHT. Its not a good look. Even bigger guys be trying to wear jeans this tight and it doesnt work!

Next you see here is someone whos wearing a shirt that is TOO tight on their body.  Make sure your shirt size is in proportion with your body frame or it doesnt turn out too good.
Also ladies dont put on shorts this short if you got a lot of this going on!
Capri pants dont really work for women either but especially for men.  Take them off..i wonder who came up with these high water/flood pants..usually not a good look.
The jean jacket..its not something that really stands out in how much style you have. Basically theyre not very appealing.
Next is the oversized shirt on guys...clothes should fit not be all over the place
Speaking of clothes fitting these jeans sure arent..get em up get em up!
During the winter time you at times may see women dressed like this.  My question is why? we know youre cold and wearing something like this in the winter might say something deeper within that needs to be handled
Lastly is black women with blonde hair..maybe for a picture but in reality majority of black women do not look good in blonde hair.  Sometimes red hair works depending on a persons looks but please no more blonde hair.

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