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Friday, May 27, 2011


A large amount of folks these days are getting all types of piercings; I'm not against piercings at all because they add something special to a persons appeal but here are some photos of piercings that I think just DOES NOT WORK:

Any one of these piercings in this picture does not work, only makes a person look scary!
Ear piercings work I think if its just to wear earrings on the bottom lobe or one at the top lobe but this type that goes through opposite ends of the ear doesn't look right, also wearing too many earrings going down the backside of the ear isn't a good look also.
Next is this eyebrow piercing; just looks odd.

Last is of course the tongue piercing; not only does it hurt much on initial getting it but food can get stuck, infection can happen and its just not much of a good look

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