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Monday, July 25, 2011


Here are celebrities I think have the most style and beauty:

1) Rihanna has so much style and beauty.  Rihanna can make anything look good and she really steps outside the box with what she wears with a lot of edgy fashion and because of this she is a trendsetter.  Hair, nails, the fanny pack, and clothing styles worn by her has created market demands.

2) Kimora Lee Simmons model/business woman always is dressed the part and is a driving force in the fashion industry with her many business ventures.

3) Stacey Dash looks stunning in anything that she wears and although she's up in age Stacey still looks like she's in her twenty's. 

4) Teyana Taylor is really getting her career going especially with her unique sound and dance moves also not to forget one of a kind style that is big hair, hats, well kept lips, and colorful nails; Teyana Taylor also keeps her body well in shape.

5) Halle Berry the beauty queen turned movie star always looks stunning and can wear anything and still look good in it.  Halle Berry looks awesome for her age having many wonder whats her secret but I'm guessing it's mostly good genes.  

6) Angelina Jolie is known as one of the most beautiful women on the planet; her full lips and her ability to steal other women's men has really drawn attention.

7) Ciara, the dancer/singer, is very pretty and could probably model if she wanted too.  Ciara has fun with her style and shows up to many awards and interviews looking great!!

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