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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Scooby Doo Cartoon Drawing

Hey everyone, like i said in my last post i wasnt doing anymore posts for cool wear. I recently started up something i thought was fun that i never done before and thats a youtube channel that i show many of my creative works and i invite all of you to check out the channel and subscribe. Can get to my Youtube Channel at this link:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

This is it

Hello everyone, right here is my final blog post, at least for now.  I did these blog posts over the past few months just to give the public some idea of what i can do.  Hope you enjoyed my posts which im sure you probably did. Still come back and visit if you need an answer to a particular topic because i covered a variety of things.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Heres a cool bookbag i found that i thought would make a great buy.  They yellow part at the bottom is what makes it stand out.  This bookbag is made by Jack Spade and was originally $225 but now only $78.75, so if you want this better get it now while you can.  It is at Bloomingdales at this link Bloomindales

Some things women might enjoy

here are some things i came across for you women that might like:

First here is this French Connection "Oui" Tee.  I thought this was different and would be a great addition to your closet ladies.  It is on sale for $38.40 at Bloomingdales at this link Bloomingdales

And last are these wedges by Vince Camuto "Vick" which are also available at bloomingdales.  I think the detail they added on the show is what makes it stand out.  they were $118 but now on sale for $66.08.  Can be found at this link Bloomingdales

Shirts by Diesel

First is this shirt i found browsing one day and it was i catching.  It comes in different colors but i like the white one only.  As you can see it has a diesel card stack design on the front which is one of a kind.  This shirt is on sale for $31 at this link Diesel

Last up is this polo that had a touch to it i thought was different than most other polos you see around the button up collar part.  Its called a v-neck jersey polo and is available for $65 at Neiman Marcus at this link Neiman Marcus

Youtube inspired photo

Here you see another one of my creative examples i like to do from time to time.  I got this idea from Youtube.  Thought it was a cool expression to work with in adding something to the photo i took.

Guess what?

Heres some latest gear by Guess that i thought looked great for men:

first you see here this crew with reverse.  I like the graphic detail on this tee shirt.  it cost $59 and you can get a better look at it by clicking this link Guess

Last up is this spring jacket.  I most like how there are buckles on the sleeves of this jacket.  They named this jacket the parachute and it cost $128 and you can get a better look also of this item by clicking on this link Guess

Mens Spring Jackets

You've probably heard of the term "April showers" and how the weather can sometimes still be a little cool sometimes in the spring.  So why not get a spring jacket if you dont have one or in need of another one?  I came across these two jackets that if you would like to buy one that would a good look:

First you see here this blue white and red jacket.  I think the way they made it makes it perfect for many things you would want to wear and isn't very thick like jackets in the winter time.  It is by diesel and cost $140.  It can be found at this link Diesel

Next is this other jacket by diesel i thought looked cool mainly because of the detail on the front.  I really like the words SPEED written on it.  it cost $200 and can be found at this link Diesel

Mens Shades

Spring is approaching and temperatures are rising so if youre a guy thats into shades here are some shades i came across that i think would be a good purchase:

Here you see these retro looking shades.  They look pretty neat and i would suggest them to you if you're a person that wears a lot of tee shirts and graphic tees that have that old school flavor.  They come from the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection and can be found at bloomingdales.  The cost $110 and can be found at this link Bloomingdales .

Here are another cool pair of shades i came across today.  They look like they can be worn with just about any outfit.  They are the Carrera "Top Car" Racer shield sunglasses and are priced at $140.  They are also at bloomingdales and can be found at this link Bloomingdales

Monday, February 14, 2011

some exclusive shoes out

I stumbled upon some shoes that men and women can wear this spring and summer that look very fresh...

First here are the nike vandal high for men.  I thought the style and color of these could go with a lot of different outfits.  They are available on the sneaker head website for $69.99 at this link Sneakerhead
Next for the women here are these puma frenzies.  These looked pretty cool.  The way they made them when its cold they turn the pink color and when its warm they are white.  They have sizes 9 and 10 if interested in purchasing and the price of them are $199 ath this link pickyourshoes
Here you also see a pair of puma sneaker frenzies except these are for men.  they are the top picture when its cold weather and the bottom color when its warm weather.  These are $259.99 and available at this link pickyourshoes

These next pair of shoes by nike i dont have the pictures for so youll just have to click on the link to take a look..and these shoes are for men:

1. This first pair are some nike air force 1 high premium leather futura mens shoe and they have a sleek look.  Take a look at this link Nike

2. Next are Air Jordan Force Fusion 10 Men's Shoe.  They are a nice color and design and can be viewed and purchased at this link Nike

3. Next are these nikes that you can design yourself. I like the first example they already have up..see at this link Nike

4. Nike Convention High JP Men's Shoe is in this nice yellowish color with cool specs on them at this link Nike

5. Lastly Tony's Air Force 1 '07 DB Men's Shoe are so neat! they are on sale for 69.97. see them at this link Nike

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Willow Smith is really wowing many people with her smash hit whip my hair and her unique style.  Read this article on willow smith and more in teen vogue at this link teen vogue

See upcoming topics in march issue of fashion magazine at this link fashion magazine

see the line up by top designers for fall 2011 GQ at this link GQ

See whats hot in vogue this February at this link Vogue

advertising example

Heres a picture i took that i decided to make look like a sketch on a sheet of paper.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

simple fresh clothes and shoes

Here is a  men's japan country flag fleece hat.  I think this hat looks really cool and if youre still looking for something to keep your head warm this is a hat you should consider.  It was $45 but now on sale for $29.99 and for a limited time can get another 20% off of that at this link Ralph Lauren

Next is this short sleeved mens v-neck tee.  This particular color looks nice.  It cost $39.50 at this link Ralph Lauren

Here you see a custom fit short sleeve tee.  This brown colored one i thought looked best.  It cost $30 at this link Ralph Lauren

This next shirt is by diesel for $40 at this link Diesel

For shoes i found these real nice all white sneakers by adidas.  They have studs on the side and the price for them is $200.  Can be found at this link Adidas

Lastly are these other studded adidas.  These studs are in a strap design and looks neat.  They are $180 at this link Adidas

Valentines Day

Hey, Valentines Day is just around the corner and  youre probably wondering what to get guys for your girl.  Well from what it looks many guys these days are buying shoes for the girls theyre interested in.  Seems to be something women really like and its not the cliche stuff guys usually do so if youre looking to try something different that would work out.  You could even buy her these red shoes if you got it like that below this post if thats her size. As for what women should give men, i think they already know but shame on you if you dont.

pair of red heels

Here's a pair of red heels i came across i thought women might like.  They are by Rock and Republic.  They were $325 but now on sale for $195.  They only have size 7.5 left so if you want them got to get them quick.  Theyre at this link Rock and Republic

Advertising Skillz

Here are some photos i took and just added my creative touch to them:

This one as you can see i have innovative + driven = me..i thought this was neat and something i am so i put it together.

This next pic i titled "cant be recycled".  I did this because i just notice a lot of people just recycle other peoples style instead of having one some style people cant imitate.

This photo here i titled "shoes so nice you can sleep in them".  I just made this because i have a pretty nice collection of shoes.  I have the eye for whats cool as a shoe to wear.

Last is this photo i titled "customize".  I did this picture this way since the shoes i have are custom made. They say Star Wars on them.  I like the whole Star Wars theme and thought they were perfect to get.