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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Style of Countries

There are all types of styles over the world because there are numerous cultures.  Just like I did a post on style of cities, I thought I'd do a post on the style of countries:


Japan has a very unique live style in the way that they dress.  Japan is home to some of the coolest sneakers made in the world and I also noticed many people there like to wear bright bold colors and just have fun with the types of clothes they put on.  One major part of their culture consists of wearing the kimono and those designs are original and cool.


The London population tends to keep it reserved in the way that they dress.  Many clothes I've seen worn there are more so the basics which are vests, loafers, classic outfits, and nice fitted pieces.


Africa has a rich history and the style there is truly one of a kind.  Africa is where dashikis can be found and a lot of work is put into the dashikis.  Many of the dashikis made that are seen worn on others is worth more than many of the outfits worn in places like the US.


Italy has some of the greatest style I've seen.  The designers there really take it up a notch with the many different stand out patterns and colors they use.  The inspiration probably comes from how beautiful the place looks.


The Indian culture makes some really nice pieces of clothing and from there we get the bohemian look.  Just like dashikis, the Indian culture put a lot of work into the fabric they use.


Paris is the fashion capital of the world and that's enough said.

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