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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Style of Cities

Sometimes we are a product of our environment and as it relates to style many can tell where you may be from by the type of clothes you wear.  Here are some cities that you can tell what most of the style really is:


Here is a picture of Jennifer from basketball wives that is located in Miami.  She is the best dressed from my observation on the show but in general Miami has a lot of people who dress really good by wearing form fitting outfits, bold shoes, and unique colors and prints.

New Jersey

New jersey from what I've noticed when it comes to the way people from there dress is tacky.  I've seen everything from feathered sleeves to heavy minks.


Shout outs to North Carolina because that's where I was born and raised but the style I've noticed in Charlotte is lacking.  I dress nothing like I'm from this area but some of the regular things I see in the way people dress here is loose fitting clothes and plain colors.

New York

New York has some cool fashions especially since it's so populated and home to some of the best fashions and fashion week.


Atlanta is half good and half bad when it comes to the style's you see people wear there and that's largely I think because Atlanta is populated with people from many different places.  In Atlanta you can see just about ANYTHING.

Los Angeles 

The style seen in Los Angeles is pretty laid back but when it's time to show up to an important event the attire is amped.

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