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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When to wear sandals

I know some of you reading this post is probably thinking why would I need to know when to wear sandals because that shouldn't be hard to figure out but as many has seen especially in the United States, a post like this is needed.  The best time to wear sandals of course is in the spring and summer but there has been a handful of people that try to wear them in the winter time; if you're one of those people think next time before walking outside the house with them on and remind yourself does this really work?  One other thing regarding wearing sandals is that sandals can only be worn with certain outfits, for instance, if you're have on a really nice outfit such as a dress, it makes no sense to throw on a pair of sandals because it lessens how hot you probably could of looked. The only time sandals should be worn is if you're wearing shorts or jeans because those looks work really well so whenever you decide to wear sandals, remember to keep these helpful tips.

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