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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Nike Sneaker Release

These are a pair of sneakers Nike came out with that I couldn't help but get; very nicely crafted shoe with style and comfort.


Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood came out with this clever unisex tshirt. This shirt is $100 not including shipping/taxes. To take a closer look/buy Click Here.


Nike added these fresh Men's Nike Lunar Force 1 VT sneakers to the site and shoe selling locations. I saw the red pair and the blue pair at a footlocker. From what I saw these sneakers can be matched with a lot of stuff. These shoes aren't real expensive but aren't cheap either. These shoes cost $140. To view/buy CLICK HERE.
Here are some newly added shoes for women by Nike:
Ski Hi women's sneakers for $130. Click Here

Ski Hi women's sneakers that's pretty pricy at $220. Click Here

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Statement Hats

Men's Hat's
Black Hugo Boss cap $35 CLICK HERE

A/X Wool hat $38 CLICK HERE

Gstar Cap $70 CLICK HERE

Gstar Newsboy Cap $55 CLICK HERE
Women's hats

Black leather Trim Ralph Lauren Beret $45 CLICK HERE

Cool Jacket

When you can, it's always good to invest some money into a nice jacket. If you are looking for a nice jacket to invest in this year I suggest this slim tailor jacket for men by Gstar. The cost of this jacket is $230 and knowing Gstar it's probably of great quality! For more details and to purchase CLICK HERE.


Recently I was checking out some Menswear stores and came across this store by the name of Bachrach which was opening a new location.  When browsing I saw that there was a nice selection of what I would consider sophisticated clothing.  After researching I found that this clothing store has been open since 1877. Here are some shirt's that caught my attention in the store:
Mock Brown Sweater for $88. This sweater looks even better in person. To purchase online Click Here.
Brown Chambray Sport Shirt for $98. This shirt also looks really nice in person. To purchase online Click Here.
Lastly is this crisp Blue Woven Sport Shirt for $98. Click Here to Purchase.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Naomi Campbell Opens Up

In case you missed it here is video footage of Naomi Campbell opening up for the Versace fashion show.