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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beautiful womens shirts

The fall is here and soon winter will be here as well so here are some shirts to add to your closet:

This is the long sleeve lace-up tunic online exclusive..The collar on it is interesting. it is $98 but is now available for 30 percent off just check on the pages on this site for it at this link ArmaniExchange the pic they have displaying this item is in white but i think this one looks best
Next is this metallic print tunic sweater. Its an interesting color and design  and is also available on the pages of this link  ArmaniExchange . It is anywhere from $69-$98.

This is the belted tunic sweater tunic and its available on the pages of this link ArmaniExchange . I recommend this gray one. The price is $59-$98

Next here is a cool Chain print t-shirt which is an online exclusive also.  It is $38 and right now you can take another 30% off. ArmaniExchange

This shirt is a Sequin stripe..i suggest this blk one and it is $48. ArmaniExchange

This is the shawl collar jacket for $98..has a more professional look to it available at ArmaniExchange
Lastly is this 3/4 sleeve cross front top online exclusive..i recommend this one in red which is only $48 and also another 30 percent off at the moment so take advantage..its on the pages at this link ArmaniExchange

Tips for buying shirts online

If you're not a big online shopper one of the reasons for making this decision is well what if what i order doesn't fit? I'm here to tell you that finding what fits is the least of your worries.  If you want to purchase a shirt from a store you already buy a size-able amount of clothes from than the shirt size you have in your closet is the same you should order online.  If your looking to buy a shirt online that you've never shopped at before one way to get the right size is by looking at their size chart.  If you know your measurements you can tell what shirt you'll need.  If you don't know your measurements but fairly petite or smaller in size you would go with the smallest size they have for the store.  Usually a store that goes down to a size xs instead of small in shirts is usually because the fits are a little looser so an xs may be better than choosing a small.  If you're a plus size woman or big guy in size i recommend getting shirts that aren't too tight on your body frame but still a great fit! buying shirts online isn't hard..try it and you'll see ^_^

Mens shoes fall winter 2010

Hello, I'm back with a couple more shoes you men should look into buying for fall winter this year

These sneakers are called the Exposure III...i posted this shoe because the shoe is pretty unique and can go with just about anything...if you take a closer look you can see that around the shoe it has these spikes on it which is an eye catcher.  They are available at diesel for $150 just click this link Diesel

These next pair of shoes are also by diesel. They are called the "Revolution Claw" claw-strap..The strap and color make these a stand out shoe that would look great with your earth color clothing. these are $120 just click this link diesel

Lastly are these! i really like these pair, they are the airforce 1 "foamposite" available at flight club new york.  They are $235 but currently there's only one size which is 11 if interested click this link flightclubny

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

mens winter shirts and cardigan 2010

Here are some shirts that would be perfect to wear these cold seasons:

This is the Ivy Row Chevron-Stripes Polo. They would look great with some dark blue jeans and some navy blue shoes.  The price of this shirt is $98 available at Ralph Lauren. You should be able to find it here on the second page.

This next shirt is a striped jersey polo available at gap. This shirt has great colors for fall/winter season. It is currently on sale for 19.99.

Here we have a double breasted cardigan by Calvin Klein. The way its designed provides an interesting look that should go with a lot of what you have in your closet for fall and winter. It comes in black as you see here and also gray which looks nice too.  It costs $98 and is available at under the link sweaters.

This shirt has a cool design..i recommend you buy the shirt in just this color. it costs $49.50

This is a simple logo tshirt..a nice color it only is $28
Last but not least is this acid wash stripe waffle shirt..i recommend this one out of the colors they have. it is $39.50

These 3 shirts are available also at under the knits + tees link.  They are now available at 30 percent off for a limited time only.


womens bags for fall winter 2010

Ladies if youre looking for a new bag, heres some ive found:

This is the Gold Chain Maille Hobo bag which i thought had a one of a kind look.  This bag is an *Online Exclusive* and is available at the armani exchange at for the price of $98 for the regular size and if you want the smaller one it runs for $78. The $98 one right now is available for 30 percent off. If your interested just click on the link; on the pg click women and under accessories toward the rightside of page click bags and order it

This last one is called the leopard cosmetic case. Has a creative design that stands out. Made by Calvin Klein, the price is just $28. You can find it here

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tips on buying shoes online

Hello blog readers.  Today im sharing with you the best ways to buy your shoes online.  Sometimes you may go into a couple of shoe stores and nothing stands out to you or the shoes you are interested in are not in your size. This can be quite frustrating. A brand of shoes i like to wear from time to time are Nikes. For example if you already know your shoe size for a particular brand such as Nike, when purchasing shoes online you can order the same size you usually would wear without having to figure out if it would fit or not. 

Now if the shoes you want to buy from online are a different brand, heres what you need to do to make sure that your ordering the right size;
  1. take a look at the inside sole of a brand of shoes you wear a lot. On the inside you'll find size for US and also for EUR
  2. On the website your looking to purchase the shoes from take a look at thier shoe size chart for the shoe for EUR and then match that size in EUR to the size in EUR in your shoe.  For instance your shoe may be size 44 in EUR so match it with 44 EUR on thier size chart
  3. Once you've done that take a look at thier corresponding US size for The EUR, For example on thiers it may say size 10.5 for US and choose size 10.5 for your shoe purchase.
This is all you have to do, pretty easy huh? This is important to do because a size 10 in the shoes you wear might feel like a size 9.5 in thier shoes. By following the steps i gave you for example the correct size to get would be a 10.5 and matches the size 10 in the shoes you already wear. This works for mens shoes because i use it all the time and i think its probably a good model for purchasing womens shoes online also.

something done in spare time

This is a pic i created entitled "check out the detail". Its something i did that shows my creative/photography/advertising skills. Its a pair of new shoes ive got and i wanted to give the look of a cookout

Monday, September 27, 2010

nice shoes for women this fall/winter

Hi ladies, i also wanted to incorporate my style expertise with womens fashion aswell.  Here are some shoes i think are a must have for being stylish.  The prices of these are pretty reasonable compared to other designers i checked out.

These are called "Revelry".  Would be a great addition to your closet.  The cost of these are $220 and available at diesel. heres the link

These very nice boots are michael michael kors and the price is only $225. they are available at saks fifth avenue..heres the link:

I also recommend the astrid bootie available at picture available on my blog for you to see but on the site you can check them out.  They come in leather and suede and the price of them are $178 heres a link to get to the page quicker:

These first two blogs i covered on some shoes i thought people would find interesting..stay tuned for other posts covering fashion =)

unique sneakers

Hello and welcome to the blog page. This is my 1st post and i thought to first off share with you some sneakers ive found that are top notch.  Here are some of my selects:

these sneakers above are dunk low premium sb inspired by the video game ms. pacman..these would go great with solid black or white shirts. the price of these kicks range from $150-$160.

These kicks here are dunk high pro sb "comic". If you like these the price range is $95-$125.

Another pair of kicks that really caught my eye were these dunk high premium sb inspired by the character "quagmire" from family guy. These shoes would look great with a solid red, pale blue, or white shirt. The cost of these are anywhere from $150-$175.

These last pair of kicks that caught my eye im sharing with you today are these dunk low premium sb "day of the dead". If your a big spenda youll probably want to add these to your collection.  Perfect for the fall the price tag on these range from $340-$600.

These sneakers i mentioned to you are available at flight club ny at just click on the link on the right side of their page where it says nike skateboarding to find them with thier sizes.  This site offers both sneakers for men and women. Add 1.5 to convert men's sizes to equivalent women's sizes
subtract 1.5 to convert women's sizes to equivalent men's sizes. If you have additional questions for them you can click on information at the top link on thier page, select any other questions and proceed from there.