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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tips for buying shirts online

If you're not a big online shopper one of the reasons for making this decision is well what if what i order doesn't fit? I'm here to tell you that finding what fits is the least of your worries.  If you want to purchase a shirt from a store you already buy a size-able amount of clothes from than the shirt size you have in your closet is the same you should order online.  If your looking to buy a shirt online that you've never shopped at before one way to get the right size is by looking at their size chart.  If you know your measurements you can tell what shirt you'll need.  If you don't know your measurements but fairly petite or smaller in size you would go with the smallest size they have for the store.  Usually a store that goes down to a size xs instead of small in shirts is usually because the fits are a little looser so an xs may be better than choosing a small.  If you're a plus size woman or big guy in size i recommend getting shirts that aren't too tight on your body frame but still a great fit! buying shirts online isn't hard..try it and you'll see ^_^

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