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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Check This Out

Heres a shirt for men i thought was pretty cool.  If it was in my size i wouldve got it.  This shirt is by Diesel and was priced for $50 but now being sold for just $35 at this link Diesel
For ladies i thought this shirt was was $45 but now on sale for $23 at this link diesel . The only size they have left is medium

Heres a photo i took the other day and as you can see i have go ham on it in caps.  I did that cuz this year i plan to do just that.  Each year is a time to grow and exceed limits and this year is no exception.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mens Polo shirt Sale

Here are two shirts i thought looked cool by RL for men that are currently on sale. This is the custom fit Big pony polo that was $98 but now on sale for 69.99 at this link Ralph Lauren 

Womens clothing sales!

Here are some nice womens dresses and shirts i came across that are on sale by top designers:

Heres a nice looking dress by Diesel.  It was originally priced at $170 but is now 50% off for $85.  It comes in sizes XS, S, M, and L.  If you want to get this or take a closer look you can find it at this link Diesel

Next is this Collins Equestrian Tee by Ralph Lauren. The pattern on this Tee is really nice looking.  It was originally priced at 59.50 but is on sale for $24.99. It is in size small and is at this link Ralph Lauren

If youre a plus size woman they also have this same shirt in size 2x 3x.  Originally priced at $65 but on sale now for 39.99 but for a limited time can also receive an extra 20% of that at this link Ralph Lauren

Here is a white karisse faux-wrap blouse. It has clean look. It was priced at $79.50 but is now on sale for $44.99. It comes in size XS, S, M, and L at this link Ralph Lauren

For dresses here is a Calvin Klein pleated v-neck stretch tafetta dress.  It use to cost $148 but is now on sale for only $69.99 at this link Calvin Klein

Lastly is this other Calvin Klein party dress. It was $188 but is now on sale for $49.99 at this link Calvin Klein


Friday, January 28, 2011

Thumbs up to adidas

Here are the cool looks for adidas this year that i find as good buys for your closet (men and women):
Just recently diesel has been working with adidas coming out with shoes for this spring/summer.  I think this was a great collaboration because they both make some really nice different things available for retail to consumers.  This above is my favorite that they just came out with called the forum mid diesel lea.  It as you can see has a cool strap across the front and metallic buttons. I think what makes this shoe even more interesting is that you can zip down the tongue of the shoe which you can see in the first picture.  These sneakers are a limited edition collectible and the price of them are $140.  If you want to purchase these you can find them at this link Diesel ..remember theyre limited edition so once theyre gone theyre gone. 
Next here is another men's shoe that is called the M attitude by adidas.  I thought this shoe was neat because of the reptile look they added to the shoe.  If you want these the price is $150 because they just came out.  You can buy them at this link Adidas

Next for the ladies i decided to show some sneakers since i havent for women before on here that would still be cool to wear if you didnt want to wear sandals or heels on a given day.  These shoes are called the Top Ten Hi sleek night shoes.  These have an interesting bow on them and shiny black color that could work with some outfits.  They are $90 at this link Adidas
Lastly for women which i thought were nice sneaks are these multi colored purple shoes.  These shoes if also interested in these go for $100. Can find them at this link Adidas

Now next what youre about to see are shoes that I DO NOT RECOMMEND anyone wear and why:

Designer Jeremy Scott is known for thinking outside the box creating avant-garde shoes and apparel.  For 2011 he recently created these teddy bear shoes.  The shoe is definitely creative but you cant wear these with anything and they look kiddy to me.  The only place i can see someone wearing these shoes at is if someone threw a pajama party but nothing else.  The amazing thing is these shoes are out now on ebay and are sold for over $200.

He also like for men have these same shoes for women in pink.  Its an idea that i just feel DOESNT work for wear.
Lastly are these shoes he designed inspired by the cartoon show the Flintstones.  Now I think this design just doesnt work because the bones on the shoe are wayyy to big.  I do think though if he made the bones the size of actual shoe laces going down the shoe it would have worked but this just doesnt.

Now those are the shoes i decided to share with you. Below these you also see these pants that are by diesel.  I put these up here because diesel from looking makes really nice different pants and jeans for people.  The prices though are steep so i suggest if youre interested in the pants and jeans they have to get them when they have them on sale.  Right now for instance they have on sale on pants and jeans and they have been selling fast.  Heres the link if you would like to take a look at what they have Diesel

Nike Releases this year

For 2011 Nike is marketing retro sneakers to the masses.  I am a shopper of nike sneakers among all the other brands of sneakers i buy.  I saw pictures of these retro sneakers they have out now and the ones they are planning to come out with in later months and i really wasnt feeling the looks.  The retro kicks just looked more like old running shoes to me, not as eye appealing.  I was wondering why they decided to market all the shoes based on retro because i think its a bad move.  Of course they are Nike so theyre gonna still get sells but from my standpoint it probably wont be as good as for instance last year.

American Eagle Tees

Heres some shirts i found designed by AE that i thought looked pretty cool when expressing style:
This is a new york city inspired shirt with a good graphic detail thats really affordable for $15.50 at this link American Eagle
Heres another cool shirt i found that is a a green striped v also is affordable for 24.50 at this link American Eagle 

adidas inspired

This is a photo i took in some new green colored shoes i bought that were by adidas.  I thought they were pretty cool and can go with a lot of stuff cuz green tends to be hard to find to wear with different garments.

Friday, January 14, 2011

that 1 thing people notice in your style

Im about having style and not only style but my own style.  I think its cool if you find something good people notice that u usually wear or do and make it your signature.  Me for instance many people notice my shoes a lot.  Some other examples of people that do this very thing im mentioning is janelle monae.  Her hair is in a unique and noticeable style she made her own.  She also wears black and white which is also a look she goes for.  Justin beiber, who is an extremely popular music artist now, has his hair in a one of a kind way that sets him apart.  So think on it and just work in that area so you too can have your own signature look.

Classy vs. Trashy

Some of you may be wondering what exactly is trashy or classy when wearing a particular outfit..Here are some picture examples of classy and trashy. Now im not saying these girls are classy or trashy just what these outfits they put on look like->

So heres all the picture examples of classy vs trashy i showed you..So maybe depending on the way u might dress a particular day u can see what the outfit is more leaning towards by these pictures

A trend Ive noticed in black designers vs other designers

Over the years there have been many different people in the black community to come out with their own clothing lines.  Nelly, Russell Simmons, P Diddy, Jay Z, and more.  Its always good to start up a business to have extra money coming in.  I notice though black designers dont get the level of attention as other designers after a period of time.  I wondered why this may be and here are some of the reasons i think this may be occuring.  Unlike other designers a lot of african american designers make many of the clothes in sizes way too big.  The shirts for instance sometimes arent below a size L. I think if more black designers did the full range of sizes they would have more success. The other reason i think this may be is because black people tend to hate on each other and give other people more attention than thier own culture.  If these two things could be fixed i think black designers would have a good chance of having a line of clothes surviving longer in the industry.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Here are some cool yellow polos i came across.  They are on sale for 49.99 and if you like any of them they are at this link Ralph Lauren

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Models are in high demand.  Many companies Rely on them as an image of beauty that people should strive to get like in appearance some way by the use of products and other things they photograph or runway walk in.  A problem i've been noticing and others have noticed over the years is models bodies looking a little too thin.  The picture you see above is an example of too thin. Its like companies are looking to shrink model sizes even more.  Its okay to be skinny but to showcase overly skinny is to be frowned at.
The recent 2010 victorias secret fashion show for instance was eye popping.  The women had beautiful faces but the bodies were all just about very skinny to the point that there were no curves you could see although victorias secret motto is about curves.  Theres also less black models and other ethnicities on the market which is odd because all races are beautiful.

Absolute No (wearing fake brands)

Today many people want to wear the latest this and that by top designers in the industry.  I have one question for you. Can you spot a fake?  I for one can tell when someone is wearing fake polos.  The picture above is one example of a fake polo i see some guys wear.  Another example of a fake polo is the ones with the too skinny number twos on them.  Theres a difference between the polos that are real with twos because they arent as skinny and they are mostly on black watch polos unlike the fake ones.  Many people sport fake gucci, louis vuitton and others.  I just see it this way, save up and then get the real thing instead of a fake.  Theres usually at least one person who can tell if youre sporting the real thing or not so its best to just wait til you can buy the real.

My thoughts on fur

Fur is something people tend to buy for warmth in the winter or just for sport.  In my opinion fur isnt a good look.  the thing i notice is that wearing fur is bulky, make you more hot, and the sight of people just having whole dead animals on their body is an eye sore.  A famous organization that actually is against fur wearing completely is PETA.  They spray red paint on those wearing fur whether its a fashion show or walking down the street.  This sounds a bit extreme for fur wearers because it is just a personal choice.  The lesser the fur wear though i say the better.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Resolutions

It is now 2011.  Tradition has it that we set a resolution, a goal of obtaining for the year.  Whatever it is stick to it so you can move on to something else.  If your goals is to lose weight or get in shape, which tends to be a lot of peoples, to get in a particular size make sure youre actually taking measures to achieve that.  This can be done by writing things down and taking action instead of just saying.  Once your goals been completed youll feel that much better.

The Price of Fame

Here you see a photo i titled "the price of fame". I came up with this because i notice some people will lose who they are by choosing to do uncool acts in order to obtain a status of fame.  It at times is not enough to be just you.  People will want you to smoke, drink, talk another way, do things outside yourself that causes trouble.  It then becomes a habit.  With fame its hard to find people that accept you as a whole.


i recently came across some very cool shoes by adidas.  They have a seperate line of shoes called the Y-3 and they now have a sale goin on and here are the shoes i saw that had some cool style:

these first pair are kazuhiri.  They have many cool colors and textures that would make a good buy.  These shoes ran for $270 but now only cost $135.  The only sizes left are 6 & 11.5 at this link Y-3
These other shoes are the yohji star high.  I think the white and black contrast is a nice different touch.  These shoes were $390 but now are only $195.  They still have a good amount of sizes left of this one at this link: Y-3


Here are a few things that i thought looked pretty neat by guess:

These heels for ladies is the ogut and is currently priced at $110. If like can find at this link Guess?

Next is this marlyssa shirt. The color stands out and the puff sleeves also adds appeal.  It was priced at $98 but now on sale for $37.50. the only size left is xs.

Lastly is this guess mens tee shirt.  this shirt has just the logo and year it started, simple but cool to wear just on a regular day. Price of this is $34 at this link Guess ?