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Friday, January 28, 2011

Thumbs up to adidas

Here are the cool looks for adidas this year that i find as good buys for your closet (men and women):
Just recently diesel has been working with adidas coming out with shoes for this spring/summer.  I think this was a great collaboration because they both make some really nice different things available for retail to consumers.  This above is my favorite that they just came out with called the forum mid diesel lea.  It as you can see has a cool strap across the front and metallic buttons. I think what makes this shoe even more interesting is that you can zip down the tongue of the shoe which you can see in the first picture.  These sneakers are a limited edition collectible and the price of them are $140.  If you want to purchase these you can find them at this link Diesel ..remember theyre limited edition so once theyre gone theyre gone. 
Next here is another men's shoe that is called the M attitude by adidas.  I thought this shoe was neat because of the reptile look they added to the shoe.  If you want these the price is $150 because they just came out.  You can buy them at this link Adidas

Next for the ladies i decided to show some sneakers since i havent for women before on here that would still be cool to wear if you didnt want to wear sandals or heels on a given day.  These shoes are called the Top Ten Hi sleek night shoes.  These have an interesting bow on them and shiny black color that could work with some outfits.  They are $90 at this link Adidas
Lastly for women which i thought were nice sneaks are these multi colored purple shoes.  These shoes if also interested in these go for $100. Can find them at this link Adidas

Now next what youre about to see are shoes that I DO NOT RECOMMEND anyone wear and why:

Designer Jeremy Scott is known for thinking outside the box creating avant-garde shoes and apparel.  For 2011 he recently created these teddy bear shoes.  The shoe is definitely creative but you cant wear these with anything and they look kiddy to me.  The only place i can see someone wearing these shoes at is if someone threw a pajama party but nothing else.  The amazing thing is these shoes are out now on ebay and are sold for over $200.

He also like for men have these same shoes for women in pink.  Its an idea that i just feel DOESNT work for wear.
Lastly are these shoes he designed inspired by the cartoon show the Flintstones.  Now I think this design just doesnt work because the bones on the shoe are wayyy to big.  I do think though if he made the bones the size of actual shoe laces going down the shoe it would have worked but this just doesnt.

Now those are the shoes i decided to share with you. Below these you also see these pants that are by diesel.  I put these up here because diesel from looking makes really nice different pants and jeans for people.  The prices though are steep so i suggest if youre interested in the pants and jeans they have to get them when they have them on sale.  Right now for instance they have on sale on pants and jeans and they have been selling fast.  Heres the link if you would like to take a look at what they have Diesel

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