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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Absolute No (wearing fake brands)

Today many people want to wear the latest this and that by top designers in the industry.  I have one question for you. Can you spot a fake?  I for one can tell when someone is wearing fake polos.  The picture above is one example of a fake polo i see some guys wear.  Another example of a fake polo is the ones with the too skinny number twos on them.  Theres a difference between the polos that are real with twos because they arent as skinny and they are mostly on black watch polos unlike the fake ones.  Many people sport fake gucci, louis vuitton and others.  I just see it this way, save up and then get the real thing instead of a fake.  Theres usually at least one person who can tell if youre sporting the real thing or not so its best to just wait til you can buy the real.

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