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Friday, January 14, 2011

A trend Ive noticed in black designers vs other designers

Over the years there have been many different people in the black community to come out with their own clothing lines.  Nelly, Russell Simmons, P Diddy, Jay Z, and more.  Its always good to start up a business to have extra money coming in.  I notice though black designers dont get the level of attention as other designers after a period of time.  I wondered why this may be and here are some of the reasons i think this may be occuring.  Unlike other designers a lot of african american designers make many of the clothes in sizes way too big.  The shirts for instance sometimes arent below a size L. I think if more black designers did the full range of sizes they would have more success. The other reason i think this may be is because black people tend to hate on each other and give other people more attention than thier own culture.  If these two things could be fixed i think black designers would have a good chance of having a line of clothes surviving longer in the industry.

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