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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The 2011 BET Awards fashions

Just recently the BET Awards aired which also had a pre-show of chats and performances.  I couldn't help but notice all the different looks people were rocking on the carpet; I was really surprised at the large amount of celebrities wearing jackets in the month of June but some people looked pretty good.

Eve was the first performer at the preshow.  Eve hasn't been on the scene in a minute but she looked great and was cool to see her make an appearance again.

Tracee Ellis Ross is another star that's been missing for a while but is now coming back into the spotlight; she looked stunning at the awards show.

Tyga was another performer at the pre show, a very talented guy but I couldn't help but notice the colored hair he had.  I did a recent blog post on black guys to not dye their hair because its not a good look and in this case there's no exception.

Another lady that was on the carpet was choreographer Laurieann Gibson.  A beautiful lady but her outfit wasn't quite working especially since you could see all of her bra through the shirt and to add to that she fell a little.

Rocsi steamed up the green carpet in an edgy dress; I thought it worked for her.

Lil twist was another celebrity who performed during the pre-show and I have to say that the mohawk is really played out and he should try something else.

Some other people that had bad looks were Free with the hair and dress and also Debra Lee the owner of BET in a less than flattering brown dress she wore on stage to present.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wearing Today

Here's a video I made just discussing what I was wearing

Stacey Dash Drawing

Here's a recent sketch I did of the very beautiful Stacey Dash:

Thursday, June 16, 2011

List of styles that are in

Here is the list of styles that are in for the rest of this year:
1) Camoflauge (dont like)
2) Floral (like)
3)Vintage (like)
4) Bold and bright (like)
5) Turquoise and Teal (like)
6) Varsity Jackets (like)

The other styles that are in are jean jackets and plaid which you know I don't care for from reading my post on those two styles.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bad and Good News

Over the past couple of years the US has been facing an economic crisis, with sky high gas prices, home foreclosures, markets down and people losing jobs, many have started to cut back and downsize more than ever before.  Lets face it, right now the economy is in shambles until more jobs are created and more education is given at a price less than too expensive so that change can be made! Although there's a recession, when it comes to buying clothes you can still look great at lower prices.  The saying goes "you can make $100 look like a million dollars" and its true.  Here are my tips for dressing at a lower price but still on top of your game:

  1. a nice colored form fitting v neck or t-shirt always works for an affordable price
  2. wait until the current season ends and look for items on sale that you can buy that looks like it can be worn year round
  3. remain a loyal customer to a store you like and can afford to get additional discounts

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ashy feet in sandals :(

Ever walk outside only to look down and see that somebody is wearing sandals with ashy feet? Horrifying isn't it? I recently saw someone with very ashy feet in sandals one day I was going to get my haircut and it was truly disgusting so anyone who's reading this please never ever wear sandals with ashy feet, always put lotion on and keep a bottle with you.  Please pass on the word about  not wearing sandals with ashy feet to others and if they don't want to wear any lotion suggest to not wear sandals and put on some shoes for the sake of everyone else.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to tell if your pants are too tight

Sometimes a woman goes around the house asking herself, are my pants too tight? I happened to notice this from various women I've been around growing up and I have the answers to this pondering question.  I'm speaking mainly to women in this post because men usually have the opposite effect to this situation.

First of all if you have tremendous trouble getting your pants on then my friend your pants are too tight!  You should always be able to comfortably zip up your pants for standing and sitting so if you have to do all that pushing and pulling just don't do wear those pants.

Another way to tell how tight some pants are is to just observe pictures such as these.  Pants are too tight in the back for instance if you can see a deep crease going up the middle and feeling an extreme tightness around the thighs.

The last thing about noticing if pants are too tight is looking  at the front area, is it too revealing of whats underneath, if it is my friend your pants are too tight.  Also if you want get a good friend  or member of the family that will tell you the truth before you go out of the house in pants that are not a good look.

Teen Vogue Magazine

In this month's issue of teen vogue Selena Gomez graces the cover wearing Guess.  The magazine discusses red shorts as trending for teens right now.  Also from the preview reading there's also information in the magazine about parties, swim, eye candy, horoscopes, and sex.  To find out more and to subscribe Click Here for Teen Vogue

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beyonce new look?

Beyonce is one of the biggest female singers in history!  After years of no's she made it and look where shes at now, great isn't it; she commands a great stage presence that wows just about all who's watching her.  Recently Beyonce has been working in the studio and has now revealed to the world her brand new album where it is said that she has a whole new sound and style.  I've listened to some of the tracks and I have to say her sound is different but in a good way, but I pose to you readers this question, does Beyonce have a different style in the way she dresses?

Beyonce is very known for all of her voluptuousness with curves, wearing outfits that shows lots of skin and this time its not too different, she still wears less clothes but it looks like the clothes are getting tighter and lesser now, one thing I have noticed though is that she hasn't been wearing the leotard all the time so maybe that's what their refering too, whatever the case she will still continue to remain a huge icon!

Friday, June 10, 2011

COOL EFFECTS clothing for men women and children plus accessories

I recently decided in my spare time to make designs for people on such as t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, mugs, and baby clothes which can be purchased at my site
Below you see my first design I called a "Work of Art" because we are all works of art in one way or another.  Check the site regularly because I will put up more designs for available purchases.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Perfect T-shirt

I thought this t-shirt was cool for men, I only suggest you buy it though if you have rhythm because someone's likely to ask.  It comes from the fall/winter Diesel collection and is $55 HERE

Spring/Summer clothing and shoe sales

If you didn't know, right now is the best time to buy designer wear for the family from the spring and summer seasons. Here are the sites offering the best markdowns on clothing, shoes, and other items:

  1. 30% off Diesel spring and summer
  2. 50% off Diesel Black and Gold
  3. Take an additional 30% off of Calvin Klein with promo code Calvin11
  4. 40% off at Ralph Lauren
  5. 40% off at Guess
  6. take an extra 20% off all reduced items at Armani Exchange
  7. 40% off at Emporio Armani
  8. up to 60% off American Eagle Clearance

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


With the summer here, some people decide they would like to travel to the beach or to other countries and sometimes more luggage is needed than whats already there.  This first piece of luggage is by calvin klien and is a 19" coated wheeled duffle bag; as of now the luggage is 50% off of its original $178.  For more details Click Here

This last luggage I saw is available at Macys.   The American Tourister Red Label Luggage, Accord II Collection now has each piece on sale: 
The 21 inch for 79.99
The 25 inch for 89.99
And the 29 inch for 99.99
Also right now they're also another 15% off with the purchase code SUMMER
find at this link


Here's a photo I took and made it retro which is currently the trend we're in right now.


Here's a photo I took that was more of an abstract kind of feel


This is a photo I took in black and white which I thought looked very neat and decided to title it as just ART.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Father's Day

Father's Day is soon to be and some of us still don't know what to get our father's that he'll like.  In my opinion guys usually like big screen televisions, video games, tools, or other electronics; if you've already purchased those things in the past or don't have the money for any of those things I say just get him some nice shoes/a good meal.  From my observation men love it when they get some new shoes but not just any shoe but one thats a looker so just make sure if you don't have an idea of a pair of shoes he'll want, try and bring it up in a conversation he won't notice so you can just go out afterwards and get them; also you can never go wrong with a good meal either for your dad.  In addition buying your father a hat would also work if he wears them, to get an idea of a hat to buy just look at my recent blog post on hats 


Here are some cool hats to shade from the sun's heat that I saw for Men:

These 3 hats above can be purchased for $30 at Nordstrom by clicking on this link
This light blue hat by diesel I thought really stood out and would be a cool designer buy.  It is $40 and can be found at this link
This last hat I saw good for men is for the upcoming fall season.  The stripes on this cap gives a great appeal and could go with many outfits for the season.  It is priced for $30 at this same link

This last hat is one I saw for women that would look good for those extra sunny days that may be when outside doing something.  This is a large floppy straw hat available at Nordstrom's for $40 at this link Nordstrom's Hats


Here's some new hosiery by diesel for the fall/winter season.  Its called the Chesok-service and this color I thought would look cool on women and would add some edge.  They cost $40 HERE.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Peace Sign Photo

Here's a photo idea I came up with to work with my creative side a little more which basically focuses in on the peace sign.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The New Haircut for 2011

If you haven't heard, there's a new haircut for men this year and the haircut I'm speaking of is the one where you still get a regular haircut but when you get the shape up have everything squared up; the haircut comes from the 1950's and is popular now because of the retro style of clothing and shoes that's in now for the year.  The haircut with the square shape up is supposed to give a more masculine look, professional athletes such as David Beckham and Jon Jones have the haircut.

So if you're interested in getting a different haircut like this, next time when you go to your barber tell him/her to make straight lines across the forehead, down the sides of your head and in the back for when he/she shapes it up.

COOL Photo

This is a photo I came up with that was a spin off of this blog I created called cool wear.  I got most of my idea from a previous photo I made where I had LOOK instead of the word COOL.  I used black and white to give it a contrasting look

Friday, June 3, 2011

Shirts up

Like I've discussed in previous posts regarding summer wear here are some nice shirts to choose from:

This striking red polo is $98 at this link CLICK HERE

This neon polo Ralph Lauren recently came out with is available for $98.  I recommend this color and it can be found by Clicking Here.

For Women there's this nice embroidered top by American Eagle and is for $39.50 by Clicking Here

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ralph Lauren Magazine

See the latest in RL Magazine.  The designer discusses his passion for automobiles.  Click this link to read more about it RL Magazine

Vogue Magazine

Check out the latest high fashion in this month's issue of Vogue.  Penelope Cruz graces the cover and also if you subscribe to their magazine their giving away free bags. Click on this link Vogue Magazine

GQ Magazine

Check out this June's issue of GQ magazine.  Alexander Skarsgard is on the cover and to get a closer look about summer styles and other topics click on this link