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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bad and Good News

Over the past couple of years the US has been facing an economic crisis, with sky high gas prices, home foreclosures, markets down and people losing jobs, many have started to cut back and downsize more than ever before.  Lets face it, right now the economy is in shambles until more jobs are created and more education is given at a price less than too expensive so that change can be made! Although there's a recession, when it comes to buying clothes you can still look great at lower prices.  The saying goes "you can make $100 look like a million dollars" and its true.  Here are my tips for dressing at a lower price but still on top of your game:

  1. a nice colored form fitting v neck or t-shirt always works for an affordable price
  2. wait until the current season ends and look for items on sale that you can buy that looks like it can be worn year round
  3. remain a loyal customer to a store you like and can afford to get additional discounts

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