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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Here are some cool hats to shade from the sun's heat that I saw for Men:

These 3 hats above can be purchased for $30 at Nordstrom by clicking on this link
This light blue hat by diesel I thought really stood out and would be a cool designer buy.  It is $40 and can be found at this link
This last hat I saw good for men is for the upcoming fall season.  The stripes on this cap gives a great appeal and could go with many outfits for the season.  It is priced for $30 at this same link

This last hat is one I saw for women that would look good for those extra sunny days that may be when outside doing something.  This is a large floppy straw hat available at Nordstrom's for $40 at this link Nordstrom's Hats

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