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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Father's Day

Father's Day is soon to be and some of us still don't know what to get our father's that he'll like.  In my opinion guys usually like big screen televisions, video games, tools, or other electronics; if you've already purchased those things in the past or don't have the money for any of those things I say just get him some nice shoes/a good meal.  From my observation men love it when they get some new shoes but not just any shoe but one thats a looker so just make sure if you don't have an idea of a pair of shoes he'll want, try and bring it up in a conversation he won't notice so you can just go out afterwards and get them; also you can never go wrong with a good meal either for your dad.  In addition buying your father a hat would also work if he wears them, to get an idea of a hat to buy just look at my recent blog post on hats 

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