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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Beyonce new look?

Beyonce is one of the biggest female singers in history!  After years of no's she made it and look where shes at now, great isn't it; she commands a great stage presence that wows just about all who's watching her.  Recently Beyonce has been working in the studio and has now revealed to the world her brand new album where it is said that she has a whole new sound and style.  I've listened to some of the tracks and I have to say her sound is different but in a good way, but I pose to you readers this question, does Beyonce have a different style in the way she dresses?

Beyonce is very known for all of her voluptuousness with curves, wearing outfits that shows lots of skin and this time its not too different, she still wears less clothes but it looks like the clothes are getting tighter and lesser now, one thing I have noticed though is that she hasn't been wearing the leotard all the time so maybe that's what their refering too, whatever the case she will still continue to remain a huge icon!

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