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Saturday, November 27, 2010

More looks that dont work for men or women

Here are more looks that just dont quite work at all:

First are these short shorts that some men be wearing.  It just doesnt work for some reason but some guys still go ahead and wear them, please stop that.

Another growing trend that I've seen people doing is wearing shades indoors or when its dark.  Why have shades on during these times when you can barely see anything with them on.  There was an incident at one point that i heard about where a man fell off stage performing a concert wearing of course shades in the building.

Next here is the mom jean.  Please throw these out of your closet if you have some that look like these.  The mom jean really doesnt work unless you have the fashion worn kind that u've probably seen on celebrities here and there.

Next here are men in UGGS.  I dont like how they look on women and now men are even trying to wear them.  Theyre just not a good look.

Here you see some guys wearing plaid.  Plaid makes me think of wrapping paper or table cloths.  It would be best to just only wear plaid if youre still in high school but other than that wouldnt suggest it.

Lastly is extra low v-neck shirts on men.  I happen to really like v-necks, they look pretty cool but when a v-neck is this low its way to much.  Youre v-neck doest need to show that much skin!

So here you see my other looks that dont work for men or women, something to think on especially if you do these things.

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