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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Reasons why i dont like suits

U've all probably at some point in your lives came across a suit.  People wear them to church, dinners, a business job or other job requiring a suit, and also for particular interviews.  The question i have is why is a suit the standard for whats so nice and appropriate?  Some of youve probably heard this "you look nice" JUST because you have a suit on.  Im sure many of you experience quite a bit of discomforts in wearing a suit.  For one, a suit tends to be HOT.  Hard to really think with all the sweat that begins to build up especially in the summer time.  I bet youve probably also experienced a good amount of discomfort from wearing the jacket and the dress socks plus shoes that have to go with it and everythings tucked in your pants..then you also have the neck tie situation..the list goes on and on.

Another major thing is individual style.  A suit takes much of that away from you because when you think about it all suits pretty much look the same, boring and bland.  A suit keeps you from showing and letting out your personality as much as you would otherwise.  I recently found out that a suit basically was founded on by army principles and we all see how the army tends to strip people of what they were in negative aspects. 

So as you can see these are my reasons for why i dont like suits..I say if youre covered..the clothes fit..matching..youre comfortable..and nice in appearance overall that should be just fine.

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