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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Luxury Shoes

Today im showing you some of the HOTTEST shoes ive have come across just recently.  I titled this post luxury shoes for a good reason.  These shoes ull see may blow your mind but the price tag will too unless u spend money like this on your shoes at times. I have both mens and womens displayed here when u take a look:

First off are these!! I really like everything about this shoe..guess who its by??.............Emporio Armani...the cost i bet youre wondering is $295.

Here are another pair of lace up shoes by Emporio Armani..has an interesting pattern to them..They cost $395.
These last pair of Emporio Armani shoes are a great look.  Its hard to find a nice pair of all white shoes but this sure is one really nice pair..they cost $350.
Next for the ladies which is by Emporio Armani is these neat high heeled shoes..they run for $795.
And lastly here by Emporio armani are those other pair of heels...they have a nice texture and color to them..$695

Now if you would like to check out the shoes for men more or even buy a pair yourself click on this link, Emporio Armani Mens and if your a lady and would like to take a closer look at their shoes click on this link Emporio Armani Womens

Next up i have here a very fresh pair of dolce & gabbana sneakers.  Nice color and everything, it also comes in bright blue.  These shoes run for $385 at this link D&G

Next here are some more D&G sneakers..Very cool look to them esp with the black contrast, the tongue of the shoe and how the lettering is on the side bottom portion..the cost of these are $415

Next up are these Maison Martin Margiela sneakers..i really luv how they designed these pair, very different and has a huge price tag though of $650
Lastly for luxury shoes are these Pradasss...has a nice shiny polished look to them and the red colored straps give them more appeal..the price on these is $395

If you like these 3 pair of shoes i listed and want another look at them or want to buy them click on this link to find them Saks5thAvenue 

So there you have it, some of the HOTTEST shoes on the planet in my tuned for more and more great posts

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