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Saturday, November 27, 2010

More looks that dont work for men or women

Here are more looks that just dont quite work at all:

First are these short shorts that some men be wearing.  It just doesnt work for some reason but some guys still go ahead and wear them, please stop that.

Another growing trend that I've seen people doing is wearing shades indoors or when its dark.  Why have shades on during these times when you can barely see anything with them on.  There was an incident at one point that i heard about where a man fell off stage performing a concert wearing of course shades in the building.

Next here is the mom jean.  Please throw these out of your closet if you have some that look like these.  The mom jean really doesnt work unless you have the fashion worn kind that u've probably seen on celebrities here and there.

Next here are men in UGGS.  I dont like how they look on women and now men are even trying to wear them.  Theyre just not a good look.

Here you see some guys wearing plaid.  Plaid makes me think of wrapping paper or table cloths.  It would be best to just only wear plaid if youre still in high school but other than that wouldnt suggest it.

Lastly is extra low v-neck shirts on men.  I happen to really like v-necks, they look pretty cool but when a v-neck is this low its way to much.  Youre v-neck doest need to show that much skin!

So here you see my other looks that dont work for men or women, something to think on especially if you do these things.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Take a lOOk

Here above you see a new picture of me that i titled "what makes you stand out from the rest?"..As u can see in the background are people figures and that adds to what i titled the photo..i think its very important to share common values but still be able to have unique individual style. Be the best you not someone else.

Luxury Shoes

Today im showing you some of the HOTTEST shoes ive have come across just recently.  I titled this post luxury shoes for a good reason.  These shoes ull see may blow your mind but the price tag will too unless u spend money like this on your shoes at times. I have both mens and womens displayed here when u take a look:

First off are these!! I really like everything about this shoe..guess who its by??.............Emporio Armani...the cost i bet youre wondering is $295.

Here are another pair of lace up shoes by Emporio Armani..has an interesting pattern to them..They cost $395.
These last pair of Emporio Armani shoes are a great look.  Its hard to find a nice pair of all white shoes but this sure is one really nice pair..they cost $350.
Next for the ladies which is by Emporio Armani is these neat high heeled shoes..they run for $795.
And lastly here by Emporio armani are those other pair of heels...they have a nice texture and color to them..$695

Now if you would like to check out the shoes for men more or even buy a pair yourself click on this link, Emporio Armani Mens and if your a lady and would like to take a closer look at their shoes click on this link Emporio Armani Womens

Next up i have here a very fresh pair of dolce & gabbana sneakers.  Nice color and everything, it also comes in bright blue.  These shoes run for $385 at this link D&G

Next here are some more D&G sneakers..Very cool look to them esp with the black contrast, the tongue of the shoe and how the lettering is on the side bottom portion..the cost of these are $415

Next up are these Maison Martin Margiela sneakers..i really luv how they designed these pair, very different and has a huge price tag though of $650
Lastly for luxury shoes are these Pradasss...has a nice shiny polished look to them and the red colored straps give them more appeal..the price on these is $395

If you like these 3 pair of shoes i listed and want another look at them or want to buy them click on this link to find them Saks5thAvenue 

So there you have it, some of the HOTTEST shoes on the planet in my tuned for more and more great posts

Sunday, November 14, 2010

a demand for a boutique

Hello, here again to share you with all my different ideas.  Over a couple yrs I've noticed many ppl ask me where do i get my clothes and shoes from, I've even had people that asked if i'll open up a store one day.  I think that its great that there's people that see how cool my style is and can see me doing it as a profession.  Having my own boutique is something i also have thought of as well.  I happen to already know what i would sell, the name of the store, and the locations i would like to have them at.  So the only thing in figuring this out, because i am going to do it one day because its one of my goals, is how to contact the people who make the clothes i want in my store to sell to consumers and the best way to open up my first boutique as far as renting or owning a building. Now once i have all of that information and get things set people interested could come buy some things.  Im also trying to do some interning and some work experience before hand saving up too because that would also be a good help before starting my own business of this type.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Reasons why i dont like suits

U've all probably at some point in your lives came across a suit.  People wear them to church, dinners, a business job or other job requiring a suit, and also for particular interviews.  The question i have is why is a suit the standard for whats so nice and appropriate?  Some of youve probably heard this "you look nice" JUST because you have a suit on.  Im sure many of you experience quite a bit of discomforts in wearing a suit.  For one, a suit tends to be HOT.  Hard to really think with all the sweat that begins to build up especially in the summer time.  I bet youve probably also experienced a good amount of discomfort from wearing the jacket and the dress socks plus shoes that have to go with it and everythings tucked in your pants..then you also have the neck tie situation..the list goes on and on.

Another major thing is individual style.  A suit takes much of that away from you because when you think about it all suits pretty much look the same, boring and bland.  A suit keeps you from showing and letting out your personality as much as you would otherwise.  I recently found out that a suit basically was founded on by army principles and we all see how the army tends to strip people of what they were in negative aspects. 

So as you can see these are my reasons for why i dont like suits..I say if youre covered..the clothes fit..matching..youre comfortable..and nice in appearance overall that should be just fine.

a 1000 words

the old saying goes a picture says a thousand words and here are 2 more recent photos i took to share for you to see:

this picture i decided to take wearing this scarf i got which i thought was cool and different
This last photo i used my imagination again to put another message across..being an artist i typically lean toward thinking outside of the box because we need more of that in the world.  I titled this one "you dont want to be on the inside looking out or the outside looking in"..this display is something like a brain teaser i guess lol.