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Sunday, November 14, 2010

a demand for a boutique

Hello, here again to share you with all my different ideas.  Over a couple yrs I've noticed many ppl ask me where do i get my clothes and shoes from, I've even had people that asked if i'll open up a store one day.  I think that its great that there's people that see how cool my style is and can see me doing it as a profession.  Having my own boutique is something i also have thought of as well.  I happen to already know what i would sell, the name of the store, and the locations i would like to have them at.  So the only thing in figuring this out, because i am going to do it one day because its one of my goals, is how to contact the people who make the clothes i want in my store to sell to consumers and the best way to open up my first boutique as far as renting or owning a building. Now once i have all of that information and get things set people interested could come buy some things.  Im also trying to do some interning and some work experience before hand saving up too because that would also be a good help before starting my own business of this type.

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