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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Womens Accessories

Here are my picks for the latest hot accessories for women:

These first ones are by Armani Exchange.  The prices and to see these in more detail can be found by clicking on this link ACCESSORIES

some other jewelry you can find is at Nordstrom's.  I recommend the first page of this link to click on Nordstrom

Lastly are all these selection of reasonably priced pearls that give a romantic look that can be found by clicking on this link Ralph Lauren

Men Accessories

Sometimes when getting dressed for the day you want to put on some accessories to add to your look.  Jewelry adds a sexual appeal and here is some jewelry I came across that would make great purchases:

Here you see two rings for men I came across that I thought looked cool.  You cant really see them in full detail in these pictures but they are really nice!  I think a ring on the right hand would add a new look if you're a guy that typically only wears watches or necklaces.  These rings would go with most outfits and something to discuss.  The first ring you see is $80 and the other ring you see is $75 and both are made by diesel.  You can see these rings bigger and in more detail to see about further at this link NORDSTROM

Here is some other jewelry I saw for men that was cool..The first picture is a ring by diesel, the second one is a bracelet by emporio armani and the last two are rings by emporio armani.  Check out these very cool accessories at this link NORDSTROM

When to wear sandals

I know some of you reading this post is probably thinking why would I need to know when to wear sandals because that shouldn't be hard to figure out but as many has seen especially in the United States, a post like this is needed.  The best time to wear sandals of course is in the spring and summer but there has been a handful of people that try to wear them in the winter time; if you're one of those people think next time before walking outside the house with them on and remind yourself does this really work?  One other thing regarding wearing sandals is that sandals can only be worn with certain outfits, for instance, if you're have on a really nice outfit such as a dress, it makes no sense to throw on a pair of sandals because it lessens how hot you probably could of looked. The only time sandals should be worn is if you're wearing shorts or jeans because those looks work really well so whenever you decide to wear sandals, remember to keep these helpful tips.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Advertising ideas video

I recently created a video discussing advertising ideas I created for if i was running a retail or fashion business, very original concepts; please check out by clicking on this link

Friday, May 27, 2011

New Youtube Channel

A while back I said that I created a Youtube Channel for everyone to take a look at things I'm doing on video also.  I put up many videos but as a beginner I needed to redo things after taking some notes so I deleted that channel and now I have a new channel that I'm putting up videos of better quality.  To view what I have anytime click on the link below

Website Ads

Feel free to click on any one of the number of fashion and other website links on my blog page to view their stuff, many of these links are offering sales on selected items you'd probably enjoy.


A large amount of folks these days are getting all types of piercings; I'm not against piercings at all because they add something special to a persons appeal but here are some photos of piercings that I think just DOES NOT WORK:

Any one of these piercings in this picture does not work, only makes a person look scary!
Ear piercings work I think if its just to wear earrings on the bottom lobe or one at the top lobe but this type that goes through opposite ends of the ear doesn't look right, also wearing too many earrings going down the backside of the ear isn't a good look also.
Next is this eyebrow piercing; just looks odd.

Last is of course the tongue piercing; not only does it hurt much on initial getting it but food can get stuck, infection can happen and its just not much of a good look

Tips for dressing for television

 Just about every person at least once in their life will have a chance to be on television.  The part half of the people forget who get the chance to be on television is choosing the right outfit to wear.  Here are some tips on ways to dress for the camera:

  1. Make sure your outfit matches your shoes in some way.  I've noticed some people get on television and the outfit doesn't look good at all with the shoes.
  2.  Wear clothes that fit your body frame, say for instance if you're a slim/skinny person you may want to wear light blue jeans to give the body more of a body mass appeal; if you're a big person you might want to wear looser clothing and non bright colors
  3. Also you don't want to be on television wearing shades! Especially if you're doing an interview because no one can see you and it comes off as rude.
  4. Lastly DON'T EVER wear horizontal stripes because they make you look bigger.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Black guys do not dye your hair!

I did a blog a little while back about black women coloring their hair which was something I didn't think looked too well because it looked pretty tacky and now I'm starting to see black men beginning to dye their hair outrageous colors which all started when Chris Brown decided to dye his hair blonde.

When will people stop being such followers!  Chris Brown may have dyed his hair but that doesn't mean all other black men should dye their hair too, its looking to be a catastrophe!  Dyed hair on black people just doesn't go so smoothly unless its a little streak here or there, not the whole head but for black men in general dying the hair different colors is a complete thumbs down, black men's hair is predominately shaved and natural hair color just looks better.  All I can do is hope that people can get it right because this day and age just about anything goes even if it doesn't work.

Summers hottest styles

Now that its summer, people are looking to wear the hottest things that'll get them noticed.  If you want to take my advice here are some clothes I came across I think would make a person stand out from the crowd:

I'm a huge fan of Ralph Lauren Polo mainly because their clothes fit very well and is not too much or too little.  I came across this polo and thought it was very cool for guys. Its custom fit and now available for $125 at this link

Another shirt I recommend for the guys by Ralph Lauren is this green and orange striped rugby.  Pair them with some brown shoes and you'll be good to go! this shirt is $110 and can be found by clicking this link

Lastly I also think this top half striped polo would work for many guys, a great design it is priced for $79.50 here

For the guys that spend a lot of money I recommend these shirts by Christopher Kane. I like the galaxy look to these and they are all are priced at $360 here Barneys

Next for the women I recommend this capped sleeved shirt in orange by Calvin Klein.   It is priced for $34.99 from sale at

Lastly for women i suggest this red dress by Calvin Klein. I thought this would look sexy on just about any woman and it is on sale for $99.99 here

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

drawing I did of fashion model Cassie

Here is a recent sketch I did of well known fashion model Cassie, enjoy:

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Heres a recent graphic design photo I did just using a newspaper:

Summer Swimwear

Summer is here and when it gets heated many people are ready to go out to the beach or get in the pool.  Swimwear can be expensive, especially since they're not worn on a day to day basis so when buying swimwear you want to get something really nice that you wont think twice about putting on again.  If you’re a guy that needs or doesn’t have swim trunks or a woman that needs or doesn’t have a bathing suit, here are my choices of swimwear to buy:

first off for the guys I recommend these swim trunks by diesel..they come in other colors but these blue ones I thought would make you stand out more if you're looking to get a girls me they are watching.  These swim trunks are available for $60 at this link

Now for the ladies depending on what type of girl you are, some girls like things that are simple but colorful, if thats so then this 2 piece bathing suit is perfect.  This one is made by gap and is available for about $70 at this link

Some women like to be bold but still on point and if you're that girl this two piece bathing suit would fit.  It is by Ralph Lauren and is about $100 available at this link

There are also women who like prints but the right type of prints so that they don't look tacky but sexy, if thats the case this bathing suit would also work by ralph lauren thats a little over $100 at this link

One last bathing suit a women might look for is something thats not to revealing but still hot to wear.  For that woman this one piece bathing suit by calvin klein would fit.  It is on sale for $99.99 at this link

This is all the swimwear I came across I thought someone would enjoy.  If you can't buy items like this I also suggest just looking for similar items, theres usually always one.

This years retro trend

Hello everyone I'm back!  From increasing growth in blog views I decided to now continue doing more posts on fashion since I'm very good at it.  For the passing months I bet you’ve probably seen people wearing jean jackets, plaid, and very old school shoes all because the fashion industry has decided to make retro trending.  I find it interesting that jean jackets for instance, are in style when before it was such a huge joke if you put one on and when you think about it, jean jackets still isn’t very fashionable.  I actually don’t think that all retro is the best way to go for the season; the only retro I think works are retro shades because they look really cool and go with many outfits!  

Another retro style that I think works is big hair if your face can hold it, other than that I wouldn’t recommend any of the stuff they’ve been putting out recently for retro appeal.