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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer Swimwear

Summer is here and when it gets heated many people are ready to go out to the beach or get in the pool.  Swimwear can be expensive, especially since they're not worn on a day to day basis so when buying swimwear you want to get something really nice that you wont think twice about putting on again.  If you’re a guy that needs or doesn’t have swim trunks or a woman that needs or doesn’t have a bathing suit, here are my choices of swimwear to buy:

first off for the guys I recommend these swim trunks by diesel..they come in other colors but these blue ones I thought would make you stand out more if you're looking to get a girls me they are watching.  These swim trunks are available for $60 at this link

Now for the ladies depending on what type of girl you are, some girls like things that are simple but colorful, if thats so then this 2 piece bathing suit is perfect.  This one is made by gap and is available for about $70 at this link

Some women like to be bold but still on point and if you're that girl this two piece bathing suit would fit.  It is by Ralph Lauren and is about $100 available at this link

There are also women who like prints but the right type of prints so that they don't look tacky but sexy, if thats the case this bathing suit would also work by ralph lauren thats a little over $100 at this link

One last bathing suit a women might look for is something thats not to revealing but still hot to wear.  For that woman this one piece bathing suit by calvin klein would fit.  It is on sale for $99.99 at this link

This is all the swimwear I came across I thought someone would enjoy.  If you can't buy items like this I also suggest just looking for similar items, theres usually always one.

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