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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Men Accessories

Sometimes when getting dressed for the day you want to put on some accessories to add to your look.  Jewelry adds a sexual appeal and here is some jewelry I came across that would make great purchases:

Here you see two rings for men I came across that I thought looked cool.  You cant really see them in full detail in these pictures but they are really nice!  I think a ring on the right hand would add a new look if you're a guy that typically only wears watches or necklaces.  These rings would go with most outfits and something to discuss.  The first ring you see is $80 and the other ring you see is $75 and both are made by diesel.  You can see these rings bigger and in more detail to see about further at this link NORDSTROM

Here is some other jewelry I saw for men that was cool..The first picture is a ring by diesel, the second one is a bracelet by emporio armani and the last two are rings by emporio armani.  Check out these very cool accessories at this link NORDSTROM

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