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Friday, May 27, 2011

Tips for dressing for television

 Just about every person at least once in their life will have a chance to be on television.  The part half of the people forget who get the chance to be on television is choosing the right outfit to wear.  Here are some tips on ways to dress for the camera:

  1. Make sure your outfit matches your shoes in some way.  I've noticed some people get on television and the outfit doesn't look good at all with the shoes.
  2.  Wear clothes that fit your body frame, say for instance if you're a slim/skinny person you may want to wear light blue jeans to give the body more of a body mass appeal; if you're a big person you might want to wear looser clothing and non bright colors
  3. Also you don't want to be on television wearing shades! Especially if you're doing an interview because no one can see you and it comes off as rude.
  4. Lastly DON'T EVER wear horizontal stripes because they make you look bigger.

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