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Sunday, May 22, 2011

This years retro trend

Hello everyone I'm back!  From increasing growth in blog views I decided to now continue doing more posts on fashion since I'm very good at it.  For the passing months I bet you’ve probably seen people wearing jean jackets, plaid, and very old school shoes all because the fashion industry has decided to make retro trending.  I find it interesting that jean jackets for instance, are in style when before it was such a huge joke if you put one on and when you think about it, jean jackets still isn’t very fashionable.  I actually don’t think that all retro is the best way to go for the season; the only retro I think works are retro shades because they look really cool and go with many outfits!  

Another retro style that I think works is big hair if your face can hold it, other than that I wouldn’t recommend any of the stuff they’ve been putting out recently for retro appeal.

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