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Sunday, October 31, 2010

sweaters sweaters sweaters

These are some cool sweaters i came across.  This 1st sweater is a marled crewneck.  I really like the look of it with the fit and colors, perfect for winter.  This sweater is actually one i wanted to get for myself.  The price is $78
This other sweater here is an alpaca blend shawl collar.  The collar on this one adds interest so would be great to get.  The price of this one is also $78
Next up is this mixed media ribbed sweater.  I like the color of this one the most and the design looks pretty cool.  It is $98
Last up is this zig zag crewneck sweater.  I like this one because of the zig zags on it.  simple and neat.  the price tags 78 bucks

All of these sweaters are by Calvin Klien and can be found at this link CK Sweaters

Whats best to go out in the rain

Of course throughout the year we have those rainy days, times in which we dont like to go out in.  Here are my tips for when you do go out to still stay fly

  1. Use a big umbrella, if u dont have one purchase one. Small umbrellas are good to carry around for times when you didnt know it was going to rain and it did..but when you do know its raining a big umbrella is best! it really limits how wet your clothes and shoes get.  A small umbrella doesnt cover much of the body and the rain dependin on if the wind is blowin will get you.
  2. Try wearing some high top shoes you can stick your jeans can keep the bottom of your pants from getting really soaked..i prefer this instead of rolling up pants.
  3. I lastly suggest that you wear a lot of black if you can.  I say this because any water you do get on yourself is less likely to be visible on the black items your wearing.


This is my first time doing 3 posts for today but i came across a lot of good things to share. Here are more creative photos i came up with. The one above youre seeing i titled "Frozen for the future" i wanted this picture to represent how awesome my talents are by showing what im doing can relate to things in the future.

This other picture i took wearing these cool fingerless gloves i found with a nice hat to match.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Organize your closet

Today im sharing with you info regarding your closet.  Here you see a pic of what my closet looks like. Here are my 5 tips for keeping your closet organized

  1. Set your clothes up in order by label ex..American Eagle clothes together, then Ralph lauren....
  2. Along with organizing by label within each label put new first and old last
  3. When there's no more room in your closet..take time to put older clothes in drawers and determine if you want to donate any clothes. Some ppl also build a bigger closet.
  4. Put your stuff for cold seasons toward back of your closet
  5. Align your shoes in a nice order
*Also u dont have to do this if you do but  i recommend that you stray away from hanging jeans in your closet..keep the hangers for your shirts and jackets*

following these 5 tips if u dont already will help your closet look really nice and make things easier to find

Recent Photos

Hello, im back with more new blog posts..i had took a small break after celebrating homecoming week..heres whats new:

This is a photo i titled "The Swagg Machine". I wanted to give the idea of fresh style after exiting the machine.
This other photo i did in my spare time i titled "i found something ^_^" i decided to create an impression of finding treasure in the sea by adding a twist of it being some nice new shoes. 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

idea for photo

Here you see an idea i came up for a new photo titled "reach for the just might become one" (self explanatory)

Homecoming fashion show

Im back blog readers. I was planning on not posting til next week but a recent event made me decide to make a new post for today.  On monday was Morehouse homecoming fashion show in which i attended.  The one thing i can say is that the show was definitely entertaining.  When i first got there i noticed the way in which some people were dressed for the event.  I saw this one guy with a SPARKLY black jumpsuit looking thing that the pants looked like capris or something.  He also had on with it some shades a big necklace a blazer and CHEETAH shoes..I was thinking he looks a mess!! i also saw a girl who had on some silvery rainbow sparkly pants..they did not look good..There was at one point also a guy wearing a kilt thing..anyway you get the point..some people were looking terrible..I bet though that these same people would call what they were wearing fashion.  I would have to disagree if thats what they think because although fashion requires wearing clothes that are addition to that is wearing clothes which MUST be cool too.

So when i got into the building i noticed that they had a nice setup.  The stage and seats looked on point. The show didnt have any real good music that they played in my opinion.  The host was bianca from americas next top model. I thought that was an interesting surprise.  She was skinner than i thought in person.  Models then began to walk out.  I thought the way most of the girls were walking was funny! I heard someone say "whats wrong with her back". There was one girl who had a very good walk though.  The clothes they wore wasnt very appealing as far as the casual wear.  The swimsuit and dressier clothing wear looked pretty good used for the show. And thats how it all went down.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It may be time to throw away those pair of sandals if

At times you may not want to wear shoes that cover up your toes or has a heel on them so you put on some flip flops instead.  Something that may feel a little more comfortable to you.  The thing is though that flip flops that look like the ones in the picture above shouldnt be choosen.  You can literally see the footprint of the persons feet from constant sweat built up over time.  Whenever you see that your flip flops look like this, just remember to throw them in the trash and by another cheap pair.

Halloween costumes

Halloween is around the corner and you may be wondering what to dress up as. Here are some of the Halloween costume trends for this year:
Here of course is michael can get your thriller on
By the way i thought the tootsie roll one was funny so i had to put it up

So here you see the mulitiple different looks you can go for.  If you want though be creative and come up with something thats may be even better than these.  There is also the option to of choosing the classic costumes used through the years like ghost and zombies.  You can even just be you.

Looks that dont work for men or women

I thought today was a good time to talk about what does and doesnt not look appealing on men and women. so here goes:
First is Cheetah print ladies.  Its been way over used.  Whenever i see it i think it looks like youre an animal walking towards me. Some women like to wear cheetah everything for some reason but its not hot.
Next is some dirty or runover shoes.  Its not cute walking around in shoes like this, save them for outdoor play or something that has a lot of dirt around.
Guys next are if your a skinny person go ahead and wear some slim jeans but they should not be this TIGHT. Its not a good look. Even bigger guys be trying to wear jeans this tight and it doesnt work!

Next you see here is someone whos wearing a shirt that is TOO tight on their body.  Make sure your shirt size is in proportion with your body frame or it doesnt turn out too good.
Also ladies dont put on shorts this short if you got a lot of this going on!
Capri pants dont really work for women either but especially for men.  Take them off..i wonder who came up with these high water/flood pants..usually not a good look.
The jean jacket..its not something that really stands out in how much style you have. Basically theyre not very appealing.
Next is the oversized shirt on guys...clothes should fit not be all over the place
Speaking of clothes fitting these jeans sure arent..get em up get em up!
During the winter time you at times may see women dressed like this.  My question is why? we know youre cold and wearing something like this in the winter might say something deeper within that needs to be handled
Lastly is black women with blonde hair..maybe for a picture but in reality majority of black women do not look good in blonde hair.  Sometimes red hair works depending on a persons looks but please no more blonde hair.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

High top sneakers

Im back readers with some more sneakers for you guys..hey its what im good at.  Here are other latest sneakers i find very nice!

First are these Puma Dr. Clyde Mashup boots..they look comfortable and it has a fresh look! theyre only $100 here Nordstrom
Next here is these Puma's by alexander mcqueen. they are $175 also at Nordstrom
Last pair of shoes up is more high priced of course because theyre by Prada.  They run for $395 for you ballers. I thought this one with these colors where very cool. These are available at NeimanMarcus

Gap switchs back to old logo again

In recent news it turns out that GAP went back to their original logo.  There were many comments from people of the dislike of the new logo..i even didnt like it.  Of course in order to appeal to the consumer GAP switched back.  The article gives detail about the GAP ordeal here GAPS Logo.  I also wonder though if the change to the old logo was costly.  I bet it was considering the time and money that went into the creation of a new logo.  I also wonder if they still plan to change the logo in the future??

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fashions over the decades

Today i decided to take time and view the different fashions over the years

Here's the look of the 80's.  You see the everyday wear of children teenagers and adults as an example from the popular Cosby Show.  Then you also see some of the hip hop style back then with the gold chains and sporty jackets.

Next up is the 90s.  A whole lot of weird styles were put together doing this period.  An example from this decade is the Martin television series.  You can also see the fanny pack was worn around this time also.
Here is an example of the 2000s.

Lastly we have the time were living in now.  For some reason a trend now is wearing shoes with no socks which i have no idea why anyone would want to do that because it one makes your feet sweat more and two depreciates your shoes even more.

How to prevent white inside collar of a jacket from getting real dirty

You may want to purchase a cool jacket that you see but may be reluctant because the collar on the inside is white.  You might already have the type of coat im describing in your closet. Of course with a white collar it stains EASILY after just once or a couple of times.  There's a way i've found though to prevent that from happening to have a jacket worth keeping years down the line.  The method i've found is using black tape:
Just take off enough pieces you need and stick to the inside white collar part of jacket that rubs against your neck...this will prevent the inside white collar of jacket from getting dirty.  Now you can just throw on that jacket and head one will be able to see the tape when you have the jacket on and when you take the jacket off the tape isnt real noticeable either unless you looking all up on it. When youre ready to take the jacket to the cleaners or wash it simply pull the tape off and once you have it washed and ready to wear again add some fresh tape again.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mens jackets

Sadly this year i havent noticed many jackets by designers at all that were very cool for everyday wear for the season..The few that were really cool were ridiculously high so i was only able to find these two jackets which are peacoats which i thought had a little different twist to most other peacoats i've seen before:
first is this peacoat by is available in tall for $295 and regular for $255..i think this black one looks the best. At this link jcrew

This last one is by is a slim fit peacoat that i also think looks best in black. It is $320 at Nordstrom

shoe correction based on research

If youve been following my blog since i first started posting than you saw posts on shoes that i liked that i saw on this site called FLIGHTCLUBNY.  Now if you read my recent post from the other day i discussed protecting card info and making sure the place you get things from are reputable companies, so that made me do research on this flight club because i really never heard of them or ever purchased anything from them. I just noticed that they had a lot of cool shoes i never seen before. So when i did my research i found out that they had prices way too high which is one thing i kind of noticed and they have bad customer service. They also only have like 5 people who work there which was a huge eye opener!! This was from muliple customer reviews..thats a shame though because they have a nice selection of sneakers. So because of this i dont recommend ANY purchases from this place online.  The other shoes i posted up from other sites are fine though to purchase online such as diesel and such, (sites many know about).

Have no fear over online shopping

I know there are people that don't online shop for clothes shoes or other items because theyre afraid someone will steal their card information.  I can see where people who think this is coming from but following these tips will prevent that from happening:
  1. Only online shop at stores you really know about and that has been around for a good amount of time..examples are ralph lauren, hollister, jcrew, banana republic...etc...These stores are MORE THAN likely to have things secure.
  2. Clear the history on the computer your using including cache cookies and all that other stuff so your information does not pop up to anyone else.
  3. Check your online bank statement to see if everythings right which most likely should be but to be sure always check.
This is all you need to do to prevent theft from happening..pretty solid!

Shipping advice

Online shopping is pretty find things quicker and find any other info you may need with just a click here and there.  When youre purchasing things online you also have to pay for shipping. Now some may be skeptical to pay for shipping but when you think about it the shipping is the gas money you spend to go to where you wanna purchase stuff from.  I suggest that when you online shop you buy everything ure gonna get for a while from that particular company so it wont be like youre constantly paying shipping when you want to get something again. Just think on it and make all your purchases at once.  I also think you should just choose standard shipping. Its less costly and the things you order will usually show up before the time it says it will. Make sure you order the right things as well..just double check because you dont want to have anything youll have to send back and wait for again.  Also make sure you double check the information as far as billing and shipping address so that is accurate as well and wont get sent to the wrong address.  The last thing you need to know about shipping is to make frequent visits to the site or recieve emails for when they have free shipping.  When the sites have free shipping youre likely to see a promotion code to enter once youre ready to checkout items.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My icy photo

above you see this new pic of mine which i thought was pretty cool to do.  I have a creative mind so when i get an idea i try them out and this is one of them.  I decided to do a eskimo type theme and these are the results.  I think the photo looks great!

Gap's new logo

Hello, today I'm talking about this article that was recently posted on yahoo about gap changing to a new logo.  You can take a look at the article yourself and see the pictures of the new logo and old logo at this link GAP redesigns logo .  Now I happen to think gap is a great store. I buy some of my clothes from there time to time.  When i saw this new logo i liked the older one better.  I can see why they're wanting to change the logo though to reinvent themselves.  I recommend they do change the logo if that's what they want to do but not to the one they have up now because it doesn't look better than the first one.  If they do choose this new logo though it'll still probably be fine since the clothing will be the same and everything.  Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ways to preserve your nice shoes

Im sure you all have at least one pair of shoes in your closet that are really nice or use to be really nice until they got messed up.  There are multiple reasons for how this could have happened. One reason for how this couldve happened is you were walking and stepped in a lot of dirt, the black gravel from the street gets on them, or mud gets on them all at once or over time.  The way you can prevent this from happening is of course watching your steps more CLOSELY.  I notice people at times just pay no mind to exactly where theyre stepping and how hard theyre stepping; but later see what paying no mind does...result in no more nice pair of shoes anymore. Now even with doing that, stuff will still probably get on them but a lot less.  A way you can get rid of the little stuff is by checking each day after youve worn them and taking a wet rag or paper towel with some soap and wipe it off.  Another way you can preserve your nice shoes is by not wearing them to the club!  i know you want to look nice and everything which you still can but not in your best shoes. Wear some shoes that are nice that you wouldnt mind getting stepped on or dirty because the club makes it EASY to get your favorite pairs of shoes dirty in a hurry.  Its mostly dark anyway and chances are youre not finding anyone worth while at the club so no need to waste some fav pricey cool shoes you can still wear years from now.  Now unlike the club other events are fine to wear your really nice shoes at such as concerts, games, parties, and any other place where its not that jammed packed to where you cant move anywhere at all or people bump into you to the point that your shoes dont have a chance! dont even wear them to play sports in or play outside, thats another quick way. Lastly when it rains its best not to wear any nice shoes that have brighter colors or is made out of suede. Hopefully this helps!

info on clothing with logos

I think its cool that clothing companies use logos but when it comes to buying your clothes you should stay away from buying clothes that have a bunch of logos on them.  The most logos you should have on a shirt i think is 1-2..1 preferable.  The reason i say this is because you want people to see how nice the clothes look on you, not all the logos you can see of a designer. A perfect example of what im explaining is Ralph Laurens polos and shirts.  The polos and shirts by Ralph Lauren have just the horse on one area of the shirt instead of in multiple areas.  Following this advice will enhance your style.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My thoughts on sagging

Today more than ever more and more guys are SAGGING.  I happen to think it takes away from having a cooler look.  Its uncomfortable to have pants falling off your hips, you have to constantly pull them back up.  They dont go well with the fit of how your clothes should be so everything can be in proportion.  What exactly makes sagging cool to people? Is it because numerous amounts have decided to do so? Whatever the reason it isnt adding to how much cooler your attire would look. Me for instance without sagging i get constant compliments. The only time pants should come below your butt i think is when youre about to get intimate with a mate. If youre a person who does sag you should record how things are when you do sag and how things are when you dont sag, having attire that fits and compare the results.  Think also about when you have to get somewhere in a hurry with saggy pants, takes more time than probably would with the pants pulled up.  Sagging can even be discussed in prison terms.  Sagging refers to easy access per say in sexual interactions in prison so why want to?? Those that sag have gotten into the habit of it based on the wrong principles of self representation shown from early stages of child development. Hopefully by reading this post and taking mental notes there can be a better change to this sad situation that has continued for so long.

Info about buying jewelry

Hi, here are some things you should know when you buy your jewelry. First things first, dont buy fake jewelry, its not a good look.  When you are buying jewelry remember to get something thats interesting but not too heavy in size.  You dont want the first thing people to see is how large your jewelry is unless maybe its a wedding ring for the ladies.  Jewelry has a kind of sexual appeal so its cool to mix up pieces here and there.  Make sure to not wear a bunch of jewelry at one time, thats also not a good look.  Hope you apply these tips when you buy and wear your jewelry.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Womens coats

For those chilly breezy days ahead here are some jackets that provided style and warmth:

This is the guess? envelope collar wool blend comes in two colors..i suggest the black and it cost just $168. This coat u can probably wear with anything! i wouldnt say with flat shoes though lol. find on the pages of this site Nordstrom
This next jacket is Ashley B by bernado 'sara' faux leather bomber jacket. i recommend this color. It has a fresh look, it only cost $78 also on the pages at this link Nordstrom
Here is the Guess? wool blend peacoat.  It has a nice trim and priced at $148.  available also at Nordstrom
This really cool jacket is Guess? metallic croc embossed faux leather scuba jacket.  It is just $88 at Nordstrom

Next up is this northface aconcagua down jacket.  It has bubble but not too much and a nice color. It is  $149 and should keep u pretty warm. Nordstrom

Lastly is a very high priced jacket. I put it up because its really nice! and if ure a person who has the money to spend go ahead.  This is the burberry brit double breasted check print peacoat.  The price tag....$995 at Nordstrom

Hopefully you found something here youll think about getting (:

How to shop for online sales

Sometimes you might see some things online you would like to purchase but the price is too much for you at the moment.  Just like sales at the mall there are just as many sales online. One of the ways you can find these sales is to subscribe to thier site to recieve emails on when they have different sales and deals going on.  Another thing you can do is check with the site periodically for sales.  A best way to find amazing deals is when they have season sales because of a switch to another season. This causes inventory to still be left over merchandisers want to get rid of.  The winter sale is usually around the month of feburary and you can find many items 70% off. There's also the summer sale that is around the month of July that also has many items 70% off.

Monday, October 4, 2010

men and womens jewelry

heres some pieces of jewelry that are perfect to put on for everyday wear:
This mens necklace is by emporio armani. It is a silver necklace with logo.  the price tag is $225 here EmporioArmani

Last is this womens necklace also by emporio armani.  It is the EA pendant with a polished finished and 925 silver. the cost is $275 here EmporioArmani

If your looking for a new piece of jewelry tryout these! your jewelry shouldn't be very large, just simple and elegant

Color choices for fall/winter

Every color on the color wheel shouldnt be worn during a particular season.  For fall/winter here are the colors i suggest for an appropriate look:
  1. brown
  2. grey
  3. black
  4. red
  5. orange
  6. purple
  7. mustard yellow
  8. nude
  9. dark green
  10. burgundy
  1. Navy
  2. cream
  3. black
  4. grey
  5. brown
  6. burgundy

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tips on how to shop for winter

The cold months are about to begin and youve probably been wondering what would be best to wear for the season?  Here are some tools to shop best during this time:
  1. When people first see you theyre most likely to see the outerwear you got on not the type of shirt you have on so it would be logical if you invested in a jacket youll wear mostly through the winter thats very appealing.
  2. Since ull be spending a good bit of money on a nice jacket it would be wise to not spend much money on the shirts u wear underneath. You have to balance out the highs and lows.
  3. Next it would be good if you bought a nice reasonably priced pair of shoes, scarf, and some jeans to finish it off..not as cheap as the shirts but not as expensive as the jacket. get it?
Following these steps will insure a winter wardrobe that fits for years to come.

creative photo by me

Hello blog're looking at a photo i took again showing my different talents and abilities. I titled it "theres always someone watching you...haters/admirers". Thought this was a great idea since its something which occurs each day.  Someone is looking at how you behave and do things. Many times you realize whos watching you and there are times you dont realize whos watching you.