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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My thoughts on sagging

Today more than ever more and more guys are SAGGING.  I happen to think it takes away from having a cooler look.  Its uncomfortable to have pants falling off your hips, you have to constantly pull them back up.  They dont go well with the fit of how your clothes should be so everything can be in proportion.  What exactly makes sagging cool to people? Is it because numerous amounts have decided to do so? Whatever the reason it isnt adding to how much cooler your attire would look. Me for instance without sagging i get constant compliments. The only time pants should come below your butt i think is when youre about to get intimate with a mate. If youre a person who does sag you should record how things are when you do sag and how things are when you dont sag, having attire that fits and compare the results.  Think also about when you have to get somewhere in a hurry with saggy pants, takes more time than probably would with the pants pulled up.  Sagging can even be discussed in prison terms.  Sagging refers to easy access per say in sexual interactions in prison so why want to?? Those that sag have gotten into the habit of it based on the wrong principles of self representation shown from early stages of child development. Hopefully by reading this post and taking mental notes there can be a better change to this sad situation that has continued for so long.

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