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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ways to preserve your nice shoes

Im sure you all have at least one pair of shoes in your closet that are really nice or use to be really nice until they got messed up.  There are multiple reasons for how this could have happened. One reason for how this couldve happened is you were walking and stepped in a lot of dirt, the black gravel from the street gets on them, or mud gets on them all at once or over time.  The way you can prevent this from happening is of course watching your steps more CLOSELY.  I notice people at times just pay no mind to exactly where theyre stepping and how hard theyre stepping; but later see what paying no mind does...result in no more nice pair of shoes anymore. Now even with doing that, stuff will still probably get on them but a lot less.  A way you can get rid of the little stuff is by checking each day after youve worn them and taking a wet rag or paper towel with some soap and wipe it off.  Another way you can preserve your nice shoes is by not wearing them to the club!  i know you want to look nice and everything which you still can but not in your best shoes. Wear some shoes that are nice that you wouldnt mind getting stepped on or dirty because the club makes it EASY to get your favorite pairs of shoes dirty in a hurry.  Its mostly dark anyway and chances are youre not finding anyone worth while at the club so no need to waste some fav pricey cool shoes you can still wear years from now.  Now unlike the club other events are fine to wear your really nice shoes at such as concerts, games, parties, and any other place where its not that jammed packed to where you cant move anywhere at all or people bump into you to the point that your shoes dont have a chance! dont even wear them to play sports in or play outside, thats another quick way. Lastly when it rains its best not to wear any nice shoes that have brighter colors or is made out of suede. Hopefully this helps!

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