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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Homecoming fashion show

Im back blog readers. I was planning on not posting til next week but a recent event made me decide to make a new post for today.  On monday was Morehouse homecoming fashion show in which i attended.  The one thing i can say is that the show was definitely entertaining.  When i first got there i noticed the way in which some people were dressed for the event.  I saw this one guy with a SPARKLY black jumpsuit looking thing that the pants looked like capris or something.  He also had on with it some shades a big necklace a blazer and CHEETAH shoes..I was thinking he looks a mess!! i also saw a girl who had on some silvery rainbow sparkly pants..they did not look good..There was at one point also a guy wearing a kilt thing..anyway you get the point..some people were looking terrible..I bet though that these same people would call what they were wearing fashion.  I would have to disagree if thats what they think because although fashion requires wearing clothes that are addition to that is wearing clothes which MUST be cool too.

So when i got into the building i noticed that they had a nice setup.  The stage and seats looked on point. The show didnt have any real good music that they played in my opinion.  The host was bianca from americas next top model. I thought that was an interesting surprise.  She was skinner than i thought in person.  Models then began to walk out.  I thought the way most of the girls were walking was funny! I heard someone say "whats wrong with her back". There was one girl who had a very good walk though.  The clothes they wore wasnt very appealing as far as the casual wear.  The swimsuit and dressier clothing wear looked pretty good used for the show. And thats how it all went down.

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