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Monday, October 11, 2010

How to prevent white inside collar of a jacket from getting real dirty

You may want to purchase a cool jacket that you see but may be reluctant because the collar on the inside is white.  You might already have the type of coat im describing in your closet. Of course with a white collar it stains EASILY after just once or a couple of times.  There's a way i've found though to prevent that from happening to have a jacket worth keeping years down the line.  The method i've found is using black tape:
Just take off enough pieces you need and stick to the inside white collar part of jacket that rubs against your neck...this will prevent the inside white collar of jacket from getting dirty.  Now you can just throw on that jacket and head one will be able to see the tape when you have the jacket on and when you take the jacket off the tape isnt real noticeable either unless you looking all up on it. When youre ready to take the jacket to the cleaners or wash it simply pull the tape off and once you have it washed and ready to wear again add some fresh tape again.

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