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Sunday, October 10, 2010

shoe correction based on research

If youve been following my blog since i first started posting than you saw posts on shoes that i liked that i saw on this site called FLIGHTCLUBNY.  Now if you read my recent post from the other day i discussed protecting card info and making sure the place you get things from are reputable companies, so that made me do research on this flight club because i really never heard of them or ever purchased anything from them. I just noticed that they had a lot of cool shoes i never seen before. So when i did my research i found out that they had prices way too high which is one thing i kind of noticed and they have bad customer service. They also only have like 5 people who work there which was a huge eye opener!! This was from muliple customer reviews..thats a shame though because they have a nice selection of sneakers. So because of this i dont recommend ANY purchases from this place online.  The other shoes i posted up from other sites are fine though to purchase online such as diesel and such, (sites many know about).

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