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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Models are in high demand.  Many companies Rely on them as an image of beauty that people should strive to get like in appearance some way by the use of products and other things they photograph or runway walk in.  A problem i've been noticing and others have noticed over the years is models bodies looking a little too thin.  The picture you see above is an example of too thin. Its like companies are looking to shrink model sizes even more.  Its okay to be skinny but to showcase overly skinny is to be frowned at.
The recent 2010 victorias secret fashion show for instance was eye popping.  The women had beautiful faces but the bodies were all just about very skinny to the point that there were no curves you could see although victorias secret motto is about curves.  Theres also less black models and other ethnicities on the market which is odd because all races are beautiful.

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