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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tips on buying shoes online

Hello blog readers.  Today im sharing with you the best ways to buy your shoes online.  Sometimes you may go into a couple of shoe stores and nothing stands out to you or the shoes you are interested in are not in your size. This can be quite frustrating. A brand of shoes i like to wear from time to time are Nikes. For example if you already know your shoe size for a particular brand such as Nike, when purchasing shoes online you can order the same size you usually would wear without having to figure out if it would fit or not. 

Now if the shoes you want to buy from online are a different brand, heres what you need to do to make sure that your ordering the right size;
  1. take a look at the inside sole of a brand of shoes you wear a lot. On the inside you'll find size for US and also for EUR
  2. On the website your looking to purchase the shoes from take a look at thier shoe size chart for the shoe for EUR and then match that size in EUR to the size in EUR in your shoe.  For instance your shoe may be size 44 in EUR so match it with 44 EUR on thier size chart
  3. Once you've done that take a look at thier corresponding US size for The EUR, For example on thiers it may say size 10.5 for US and choose size 10.5 for your shoe purchase.
This is all you have to do, pretty easy huh? This is important to do because a size 10 in the shoes you wear might feel like a size 9.5 in thier shoes. By following the steps i gave you for example the correct size to get would be a 10.5 and matches the size 10 in the shoes you already wear. This works for mens shoes because i use it all the time and i think its probably a good model for purchasing womens shoes online also.

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