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Monday, August 1, 2011

Tanning Options

Tanning can add a lot to the style of clothing you wear; it's important to know how much you should tan your body.  Some people look great pale; here's a picture that shows a prime example of that: 

but there are people that are pale and it doesn't work for them for example in this picture:

If you're like the person in that picture you should consider tanning so that you look like this:

The person in that picture is properly tanned and it works.  I advise that if you tan not to do it too much because it's not a good look to be the color orange like an oompa loompa

and one way to not turn orange is to stay away from spray tanning.  I've heard many of stories of people suffering from a bad spray tan so it's best not to try that out.  Another good thing to remember regarding tanning is to tan your WHOLE body.  No tanning lines adds to your appeal:

Keeping all these things I mentioned in mind for tanning options will make your style and appeal look even more amazing.

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  1. Who is that woman in the 2nd picture? Where did you get that picture?