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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Advertising Skillz

Here are some photos i took and just added my creative touch to them:

This one as you can see i have innovative + driven = me..i thought this was neat and something i am so i put it together.

This next pic i titled "cant be recycled".  I did this because i just notice a lot of people just recycle other peoples style instead of having one some style people cant imitate.

This photo here i titled "shoes so nice you can sleep in them".  I just made this because i have a pretty nice collection of shoes.  I have the eye for whats cool as a shoe to wear.

Last is this photo i titled "customize".  I did this picture this way since the shoes i have are custom made. They say Star Wars on them.  I like the whole Star Wars theme and thought they were perfect to get.

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