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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mens Shades

Spring is approaching and temperatures are rising so if youre a guy thats into shades here are some shades i came across that i think would be a good purchase:

Here you see these retro looking shades.  They look pretty neat and i would suggest them to you if you're a person that wears a lot of tee shirts and graphic tees that have that old school flavor.  They come from the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection and can be found at bloomingdales.  The cost $110 and can be found at this link Bloomingdales .

Here are another cool pair of shades i came across today.  They look like they can be worn with just about any outfit.  They are the Carrera "Top Car" Racer shield sunglasses and are priced at $140.  They are also at bloomingdales and can be found at this link Bloomingdales

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