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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What level of style are you?

There are all kinds  of style just like there are all kinds of people across the world but on a scale from 1-10 regarding style, what number do you think fits where you're at? I have created a list on this for everyone to take a look at:

1) Shark- (con) always finds something wrong with a persons attire when there's nothing wrong with it and makes sure to try and bring any type of negative thing they can think of without knowing the person into the atmosphere.

2) The roll around- (con) looks like he/she just rolled out of bed and threw on some clothes; nothing really is fit in the right size for them or shows an effort in the look.

3) Jacker- (pro) looks pretty good (con) can tell the outfit has been copy and pasted from someone else and this person is also most likely to borrow things from someone else's closet.

4) footloose- (pro) clothes look real nice on them (con) when look down at the shoes can see they're not clean or have a nice design.

5) just half- (pro) very nice shoes on (con) clothes are lacking.

6) new new- (pro) always in a new outfit everyday (con) that's all it is, a new outfit everyday.

7) expensive buyer- (pro) big spender, all the priciest labels (con) not necessarily better than other outfits that can be purchased at a lower price.

8) expert- (pro) up on all the latest fashion trends (con) doesn't necessarily mean each fashion trend is all that.

9) Mostly Correct- (pro) for the most part always have it together (con) misses it quite a few times.

10) Jetsetter/Trendsetter- (pro) sets trends and stands out of the crowd; enjoys being unique and has good taste.

Now based on reading this scale, where do you think you fit?

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