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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Celebrities with original style

Here you see some pictures above of the cool kids and these two guys have some original style.  The rappers usually wear retro gear and also into cool bikes and rare sneakers.  They also are the ones who started wearing snapbacks before many others now and has always worn jerseys.  Along with their original style in wear, they also have original style in the music that they make with very cool beats and lyrics..Make sure to purchase their new album "When Fish Ride Bicycles" set to release July 12, 2011.

Another celebrity with original style is Lady Gaga; she really steps outside the box with the outfits she wears such as very different high heels, clothes you could never guess would be made, and superb sunglasses.  Lady Gaga also once wore a meat dress to an awards show and made a public statement of the reason behind it which I have to say was pretty good.

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