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Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to tell if your pants are too tight

Sometimes a woman goes around the house asking herself, are my pants too tight? I happened to notice this from various women I've been around growing up and I have the answers to this pondering question.  I'm speaking mainly to women in this post because men usually have the opposite effect to this situation.

First of all if you have tremendous trouble getting your pants on then my friend your pants are too tight!  You should always be able to comfortably zip up your pants for standing and sitting so if you have to do all that pushing and pulling just don't do wear those pants.

Another way to tell how tight some pants are is to just observe pictures such as these.  Pants are too tight in the back for instance if you can see a deep crease going up the middle and feeling an extreme tightness around the thighs.

The last thing about noticing if pants are too tight is looking  at the front area, is it too revealing of whats underneath, if it is my friend your pants are too tight.  Also if you want get a good friend  or member of the family that will tell you the truth before you go out of the house in pants that are not a good look.


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