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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tanger Outlets

I recently checked out Tanger Outlets in Georgia and found that the place had some really good deals on designer apparel.  There are multiple stores there that have amazing markdowns. Ralph Lauren for instance had ties for half the original price and Tommy Hilfiger had very decent prices on their clearance rack.  The one store that I found had very nice clothing for LOW prices was Calvin Klein; most things in the store was marked 70% off. Some stores though did not have remarkable deals on their products such as Guess and Brooks Brothers; these stores prices were pretty much the same as going to the mall or online. As it relates to shoes, Nike has some pretty good prices on their footwear with discounts on even the sale prices.  Also, if you want an extra percentage off on what you're buying, you can most likely get some coupons from the Outlet service center by just filling out some information for promotionals.  I always heard that the outlet stores have bargain prices but I finally got a chance to see for myself and I recommend anyone to stop by one.

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