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Monday, October 8, 2012

NY Fashion District

I recently went on a trip to New York to hang out and do some shopping for the first time.  Based on word of mouth from people I've come across over the years who are from the area of New York, I expected there to be many fashionably dressed people but once I got there, I found that in fact it turned out to be the opposite.  Many of the residents there dressed quite basic and quite a bit had no great style in my opinion at all.  I did though see a select group of people that had on some cool wear and accessories.  The downtown area had many places to do a lot of shopping that was both high end and affordable.  The places I suggest anyone traveling to the area check out for clothing are H&M, Century 21, Soho, A/X, Topman, Macys, and Guess.  Also, any clothes posted on online sites for your favorite designers is very likely to be at the stores in NY.  From my time there I can say that New York is one of the best places to shop because they have many stores with tons of items and all of the departments charge no tax below $100.  I can guarantee it won't be easy bringing back stuff in your original suitcases; it's that GOOD.

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