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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Crooked Teeth

I'm back to give some advice pertaining to one crucial area I think we all should consider actiing on in our future endeavers and that is investing in dental care.  Over the years I've seen very beautiful people that wear nice clothes, make tons of money, and get all things extravaggant but once they open their mouths I see that their teeth are bunched together and crooked. 

I'm just saying, instead of wasting money on things that are unnecessary at times, we can invest in what will be used and looked at the most for an entire life span.  In a previous blog post of mine, I mentioned the importance of taking care of overall appearance beyond just the fashions we put on because it adds even more to our attractiveness and first impressions.  Straight well kept teeth, nice clothes, etc, is the way to go!


  1. A bright and even smile is an asset. Thanks to advances in dental medicine, there are several options to solve crooked teeth. Getting that winning smile is always a few dental visits away.

    Diana Dickert

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  3. I agree with your point that there are people who are successful and are earning lots of money while not being physically perfect. They're proud of being exactly that, an aspect other people lack at times. But it still depends on the person. If he thinks he needs to have a flaw repaired, then let him be. We all have the right to look what we want to look. :)


  4. “Straight well kept teeth, nice clothes, etc, is the way to go!” – I know the clothes can hide your bodily flaws, but I believe that our smile is also a part of our clothing. If you have a beautiful dress but have crooked teeth, you’re just ruining your appearance. Investing on your dental health can be expensive, but it’s all worth it in the long run.

    + Aura Minaya +